Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday Christmas Tasks

Welcome! If you are visiting from A Bowl Full of Lemons, I'm blogging this month about tasks I've accomplished in preparation for the holidays. I actually started in November, so feel free to click around and see what all I have been up to. The main goal was to plan ahead with many tasks so that the season could be enjoyable, rather than stressful. So far, it's working!!

I  did more holiday preparations today. And the good news is I'm still enjoying it! I hope you are feeling the same way. And if you aren't enjoying the season, I hope you can turn it around and find some peace, some joy, some relaxation, something that makes the season all the sweeter for you.

The first task was pretty easy. I needed to fill my Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shaker set with...well, salt and pepper! They have been sitting on the stove all season, but I do want to use them! I decided I should double check which one should be salt and which should be pepper. Turns out you put the salt in the one with the least number of holes, since it tends to flows out faster. I hope I can remember that in the future.

The second task was to make more cookies for the music association bake sales this week. I used packaged sugar cookie dough and peppermint frosting from the store. That saved time...well kind of. I had to go back to the store for the frosting!! I rolled the dough and cut out tree shapes. I added green food coloring to the frosting. My oldest daughter helped me, by adding the sprinkles. I think they turned out pretty fabulous, and I don't think the time I spent was bad at all. It was fun!

Did you see we used Valentine Sprinkles? It was time to get rid of the extra red ones we could. It's kind of like baking and decluttering at the same time! We did avoid the ones that were pink in color and had little hearts mixed in. :)

In other organizing news, I was reminded by my oldest daughter that it is now mid month and it's time to wash the sheets! She's right. I try to make sure I get all of our sheets washed at least twice per month. My reminder is suppose to be when my husband gets his paycheck. Well he received his paycheck yesterday, but I didn't dawn on me this time to think about washing the sheets! Now that she reminded me, I will get them done in the next day or so. Apparently, I do rub off on my kids. 

Did you do any simple tasks like my salt and pepper shakers today? Are you doing any holiday baking this week? Are you keeping up on your regular cleaning tasks?


  1. Salt goes in the one with fewer holes - I would like to remember that too!
    Your cookies do look fabulous indeed!

    1. Thanks! I tasted the peppermint frosting. It was so very good!!