Saturday, December 20, 2014

More December Progress

It helps to have a productive Friday going into the weekend. Well it doesn't hurt at least! I accomplished everything on my list yesterday. I did work on the grocery list. It just isn't finished. I got a little stumped when I realized I need some fresh ingredients, but shouldn't buy them now. I really need two lists, maybe even three!
  • Cook chicken breasts and dice up
  • Make Chicken Tortilla soup (double batch)
  • Wrap gifts
  • Put up second tree with lights in basement
  • Finish grocery list
  • Add to list of tasks in coming days
  • Buy a set of sheets
  • Visit a friend 
I mentioned the day before that I set aside a little time to relax. As someone who has suffered back pain due to stress, as well as anxiety, I have learned that relaxing and being quiet is important. Another close second to the relaxing is spending time with friends. My visit with a very good friend and her daughter was definitely a highlight of my day. It brings a smile to my face to know I have good people in my life. 

I'm hoping to keep our Saturday as low key and relaxing as possible. Grocery shopping IS on the list, so we will be out in the crowds of people. We also want to get some decorations for our second tree so we can do the decorating on Sunday. We decided on a blue color theme. We will buy shatter proof bulbs and some ribbon garland at a minimum. At any rate, those are the basic items we plan to accomplish. 

It is Christmas week! I hope you can find the joy in the season. Savor it while you can, it will be over before you know it. Some items don't have to be done...which in my case seems to be vacuuming! Well, it will get done, but it just isn't the priority. 

Do you know what your priorities are for today, or even the rest of the week? Was your Friday productive? How many times do you expect to be at the store before the end of the year?


  1. We tried to have a festive time decorating my mom's tree yesterday, but we had some cranky male adults putting the lights and garland up, my mother had the flu and alternated vomiting in the bathroom and going back to her bedroom, two girls were semi-festive, one son was sick with a 102 temp, and I was alternating trying to be cheerful and clean the kitchen. Plus make sure my 94 year old grandmother was fed, warm, entertained, etc. We all came home and slept 10-12 hours. Now we're medicated and fed and feeling better. Grandma is coming over for lunch and puzzle working. I am trying to do several loads of laundry, we're aiming for Mass at 5 PM, and then over to brother's at 8:00 PM for dessert and more family time. I am tired just reading what I wrote, but "tis the season to make merry ... "

    1. I hope your Saturday was more enjoyable than your attempt on Friday, Laura!

  2. I'm hoping I'll be at the store three times max before the end of the year. Hoovering is at the bottom of my list, I really should do it tomorrow though.
    We decorated our tree today, although I will have to add an extra set of lighjts tomorrow. SG helped, she loved it!
    I think you should have a rest Laura!

    1. Is Hoovering using a vacuum? Floors are the one thing I procrastinate the most. I'm glad it was a great time decorating the tree. Those young ones love, as do my teens. It's a magical time of year. :)

  3. I hope you can find the joy in the season as well, dear!!

    And I’m hoping to be in the store once next week - groceries. And I might postpone that till the next week if I can! The fewest amount of times I can be out directly around the Holidays the better!