Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Volunteering, Cards Mailed

I volunteered at school this morning to help put cookies on plates for a bake sale. It went fast and was fun. Turns out they need more help next week, so I will go again two days next week and help. We were there less than an hour today, so I don't consider it too much of a burden to help again. They probably could have used more cookies. I will plan to pick up premade dough and take some more next week. Another item for the list!

In an effort to keep things real on this blog, I will tell you I was at the store yesterday and picked up the fresh veggies I didn't buy last week before our trip. That was on purpose because I didn't want things going bad before I used them. This time, however, I failed to take my list with me to the store. When I came home and looked at the list I forgot a few of the items. One was something I needed today for soup. So even with some advanced planning, I still forget and have to go back to the store again the next day!

I have guests (my parents) arriving today so they can see my daughter's Holiday concert at school. I prepped the salad ingredients, made the soup and will keep it warm in a Crock Pot. (I'm expecting leftovers of the soup since I doubled it. I will freeze those for a meal later in the month!) I also did a quick wipe down of their bathroom. And finally, I spent ten minutes just putting things away. I'm not going to worry about vacuuming or dusting. If I get to it great, if not fine.

My youngest daughter is still home from school, but since no fever this morning it looks like she can probably go to school one day this week. Because she has been home, I have not been as focused and organized. It is interesting what can throw off our routines. :)

My big Christmas task today is to put the cards in the mail box. Yep, that is it! If that is all I do, I will be fine with it. I do really need to make my final shopping list for gifts. I don't have too many left so it should be short. I'd really like to complete the shopping on Saturday, which I'm sure is a day the stores will be a zoo! I will try to keep the number of stores low. My daughter still needs to get a gift for her exchange party this weekend. See not perfect, didn't get that done last week like I wanted.

I took some pictures with my phone to show you some of my mess(es), but I'm running out of time to get them uploaded and on to this post. I'll just save those for tomorrow!

Did you do anything related to preparing for the holidays? Do you ever prepare dinner ahead?

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  1. Chilli's in the slow cooker right now :) This weekend I need to wrap two more gifts in brown paper ready for posting on Monday or Tuesday. I always forget stuff when I leave my list, or buy extra of what I think I haven't got.