Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Now Just Two Days Until Christmas

Yesterday, I completed everything on the list below as planned. I thought I would get to dusting upstairs, but I decided to watch Elf (for the first time) with my family instead!  Better choice don't you think?

  • Mail one final package
  • Clean guest bathroom
  • Put clean sheets on guest bed
  • Dust guest bedroom
  • Make another grocery list :)
  • Wrap final gift (if it arrives in mail)
  • Write list of tasks for Friday morning before guests arrive
My grocery list is not complete yet, but it is getting closer to be done. I just need to check the cupboards and fridge for normal things I may be running low on. I don't want to run out on Christmas or while we have guests (although I'm sure someone would be willing to make a store run if needed). 

Today my list feels pretty short:
  • Dust upstairs
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Finish grocery list
  • Take one daughter to flute lesson
  • Pick up senior pictures (!!)
  • Make another batch of cookies
I'm already ahead with dinner, which is chicken tacos. I had prepared quite a bit of baked chicken last week for soups and enchiladas. It was in the freezer and I took it out last night to begin thawing in the fridge for dinner today. Later I will just need to cut up tomatoes and lettuce and heat the meat with seasoning. Easy!! 

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, I plan to make an early morning grocery store trip for final items needed for the weekend. The other main task is to cook the second turkey! Dinner on Christmas Eve is just appetizers. On Christmas Day, we will make pies, rolls, green beans with almonds, and cranberry sauce to add to our reheated turkey. 

I expect this is likely my last post before Christmas. If you see any more before next week, it means I found a few minutes today to write a few more and I scheduled them to post later. I'll be back before the new year ends to discuss my plan for decluttering and organizing in January! 

Thanks for reading about my Christmas preparations these last few weeks. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. Much better choice on watching Elf! How did you like it?
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!! xx

    1. Elf was much better than I thought it would be. I would watch it again!

  2. Our family LOVES Elf, almost as much as THE CHRISTMAS STORY. Just wanted to pop in and say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your holidays, I really like this blog. Thanks for sharing your plans to be organized, helps me maintained "motivated" status. I'm feeling better, and off to wrap the last of the gifts for today and make two side dishes for tomorrow's gathering. Laura

    1. Merry Christmas, Laura! I'm glad you are feeling better. And I'm thankful you have been enjoy this blog. I feel more motivated writing it!

  3. Merry Christmas! I spent all of five minutes wrapping today and have made soup for tomorrow. There's still more to do but I'm pretty relaxed, and I put that down to YOF :)
    Enjoy your holidays!

    1. Glad to hear you are well prepared and enjoying some relaxation time. Merry Christmas, Sarah!