Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Cleaning

I decided before I get going hard into finishing my Christmas shopping and baking, that I would do some cleaning and organizing around my home. This coincides with a few of my regular tasks I try to do right at the beginning of the month. Here's what I accomplished:

  • cleaned master bathroom
  • washed all towels
  • washed master bed sheets (need to do my girls beds)
  • shredded receipts from August
  • swept the kitchen floor
  • vacuumed upstairs
  • emptied all trash cans 
  • cleaned kitchen sink
  • and as always ran the dishwasher the night before so I could unload it this morning
My big holiday accomplishment today was to place the gifts that have already been wrapped under the tree. Oh, and I did also get those decorations sitting on my coffee table placed in a few areas around the house. I'm also researching the type of doll blanket and pillow I want to make for my niece.

I also had a thought of one thing that could be prepared ahead for the holidays. Thank you notes. Most of us generally get gifts from the same people each year. I would make sure to purchase the note cards and stamps if needed now. Homemade notes or a basic piece of paper work fine too! Once you have those you can address them in advance and fill in the appropriate gratitude soon after receipt of the gift. I know many people don't send thank you notes anymore, but if you do, this is one thing you could get a head start on.

Are you keeping up on your cleaning this holiday season? Did you get anything crossed off your list today? Do you send thank you notes for gifts received?

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