Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you are just joining, many of my posts this month and last month have been about preparing for the holiday season, which for us is Christmas! Feel free to read back to November to see how far I've come since then. 

I personally have purchased only a few stocking stuffers, but it seems to be nearly the last item on my list this year. I have several ideas. Some of them are my own, the others were requests from my daughter's. When your kids are older they actually get to put some ideas on the table for those stockings! So helpful.

My girls actually have pretty large stockings. I have never stuffed them full. EVER. I don't think it's a requirement. If I did, I'd be broke and probably over run with too much junk. Well, there was always a little of that.

I was giving my sister ideas for her 9 year foster daughter today, and she thought I should write a blog post with stocking stuffer ideas. These aren't necessarily frugal, although some are. My main goal was to think of items that would get used up. Some of them are in there because they take up a lot of room. I'm not going to expand the ideas, even though there are numerous others out there. And likely plenty more geared toward boys. If you want to share any other ideas in the comments, I'm sure others reading would be glad to read them. We just might help someone out!

Here's the list I gave my sister:

Goldfish crackers
Fruit snacks
Candy bar
Sticker book
Jump rope
Cookie or brownie mix
Hot chocolate packets
Glow sticks (for New Year's Eve)
Lip balm
Special bar of soap
Silly putty
Sticky notes
Small bag of chips
McDonald's/Dairy Queen gift certificate
T shirt
Stamps (use with ink, but postage for writing letters could be fun too)
Kleenex Packages
Hair Accessories
Nail Polish
Scarf or ear warmers
Extra mittens
Kool Aid mix
Bag of marshmallows
Small buckets for storing pens and pencils
Hand sanitizer to hang on backpack

Do you remember what was put in your stocking as a child? Do you have a favorite item to put in a stocking? Share any other stocking stuffer ideas you have!


  1. I've never done a stocking before! And I've only had one filled a few times (by the grandparents, actually, at their Christmas). Normally full of candy and comfy socks!
    I am undertaking filling one this year, though - I'm taking the Hot Wheels and candy route!

    1. Hot Wheels and candy will be a treat for someone! Socks are nearly always a staple in our stockings. :)

    2. hand knit, fuzzy slippers, sm mason jar, home made trail mix, mostly granola + raisins, peanuts, Smarties, pencil crayons but now days Glitter pens, balloons, home made coupons [a day with gran, bake muffins, 'get out of work,' skate lesson, Sunday tobogganing] Labyrinth car game,flashlight, zipper pull [fuzzy toy], mini hand crank music toy