Monday, December 1, 2014

The Holiday Planning Has Paid Off

The holiday planning I did in November is definitely beginning to pay off now. Thanksgiving has come and gone and the planning for the meal went perfect. I had everything I needed to bake, and prepare the food I was in charge of. There were no extra store runs for that missing item. It even worked perfect to plan to order pizza the day after our holiday travel. The evening was so much more relaxing!

We spent a little over an hour getting our artificial tree set up and decorated. I think as your children get older it gets so much easier and faster! I know I put some ornaments on, but I sure didn't do the majority of the work. I have a few things sitting on my coffee table that need a home for the holiday, but other than that we have completed our decorating.

Here is our tree:

And our girls stockings hung on the mantel are pictured below. I'd like some garland or greenery up there, but the wall is angled and not easy to have it hang down the sides. So it is just fine this way!

I am also happy to report that I have ordered a few more items online for those I'm giving to this year. It seems my gift list has been reduced as the adults on my husband's side of the family are not exchanging gifts. We also decided on a twenty dollar limit for the five people we buy for on my side of the family. I have already purchased some of those gifts for their stocking so I'm in really good shape! 

I was able to get a meal list together for the first 15 days of December. It was a bit of a struggle to plan that many days at once, so I didn't even try for the entire month! I have purchased the groceries needed for most of those first 8 eight meals. 

The next few days ahead will involve more shopping (maybe finishing). I specifically need to check my gift list and see what I have and what I need. I will also catch up on some cleaning, wrapping gifts and baking more cookies. I may even prepare some of the soups we are eating this week ahead. Maybe. 

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you feel more relaxed as we head into December with some of the preparation done in November? What do you have on your list this week that will help you with the Christmas preparation?


  1. Love your tree, so whimsical and homey! And I admire your Christmas ladies on your mantle. Royal Dalton?

    Home with two sick boys today, but it was nice to just settle in and watch Christmas shows on ABCFamily. Will work on game plan for the rest of the week tomorrow.

    1. Yes, Laura! Good eye. They are Royal Dalton. I inherited from my grandparents. Christmas Morn and Soiree' are the two we have. The girls will each get one at some point. Rest is important this time of year, too!