Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Two Soups In One Day

Yesterday, I spent some time in the kitchen making soup. Two soups in about an hour. Mmm. Soup. I love soup this time of year!!

The first soup was for last night's dinner. I am so glad I made dinner ahead last night since we took my van in to get new brakes and it made us later than usual coming back home. In fact, the girls were able to eat before my husband and I were back home. That soup had a little leftover that my oldest daughter likes to take in her lunch (in a Thermos). 

The second soup, Mushroom Barely, was just one batch and is generally enough for eight servings. Only three of us eat it, so there will be leftovers. We will eat this soup tonight. The leftovers will get frozen for later this month. 

I have a Chicken Tortilla soup planned for Friday. I will likely make it that day. It needs cooked chicken. Turns out I had quite a bit of extra cubed chicken from enchiladas on Monday that I was able to freeze. I plan to double that recipe and it may need more chicken than what I put in the freezer. The good thing is I have more in my freezer that needs to be cooked. Guess what I am going to do with the extra soup? Freeze it! For later this month. It might be a good soup for New Year's Eve or Day.

I'm really enjoying making double of some of these recipes and having them all ready to go for later. It saves me time, not having to be in the kitchen making the soup twice. It seems easier to plan for meals when I can check what I can use from the freezer.

In additions to making soup, I got the sheets from one bed washed as well as all the dirty towels in the house. I'm feeling a bit behind with the cleaning, so I hope to get started a little on that today! I'll report tomorrow what I get done.

As far as Christmas preparations go, I received two more gifts in the mail yesterday. I expect one more any day. Once that one is here I will get them all wrapped up and under the tree. That will also mean I can put away my gift wrap station for the season! I also found the last stocking stuffer I needed yesterday. The gift buying is really, really done!

If I get a chance today, I'm going to just lay down for awhile and listen to some nice relaxing music. I may use some lavender lotion on my hands and feet too. A nice warm cup of tea would be nice as well. That right there is going to get me moving today knowing I have a little reward coming from all my hard work!

Are you making double of any recipes? How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Do you reward yourself for your accomplishments?

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  1. Once I get some space in my freezer I will. They're coming along nicely. No, I really need to start doing that.