Monday, December 29, 2014

What I Accomplished

I'm glad a few of you took advantage of my weekend challenge. It always feels good to make progress in making our homes less cluttered!!!

We had guests until about 1 o'clock on Sunday. After they left I went into clean up mode! Here's what I accomplished after they left:

  • Ran dishwasher and cleaned remaining dishes
  • Started a load of laundry consisting of napkins, place mats, dish and bath towels. I later started two more loads consisting of more bath towels and sheets. I have even put all that laundry away!
  • Swept the kitchen floor
  • Tossed some trash and recycled quite a few items
  • Removed table leaves and four chairs 
  • Cleaned table top
  • Deflated and rolled up an air bed
  • Moved two chairs back to our garage
  • Pulled a few items I stashed in a closet back they won't go missing for months!
  • My husband took care of cleaning the carpet on our steps due to a spill over the weekend
Oh, there was probably a little bit more I did, but in the process of cleaning up I did try to keep my eyes open for a few things that need to be donated or tossed. I didn't find ten, as my own challenge suggested. I found four items.
  • A plastic cup
  • A small blue vase
  • Old cat treats
  • A spatula (I mentioned this last week)
I received a coat for Christmas, which I have hung up in the closet. I have decided to return (maybe exchange) the two other items. I also forgot this was part of my own challenge, so the returns have not been completed, but will be done very soon. I am happy to say that all gift bags, boxes and bows are completely put away!

I'm really just happy that we were able to get cleaned up so well after a visit with guests. It almost doesn't seem like they were here at least from physically looking around. Even the gifts received were put away! 

As the week begins, I need to decide about how much longer to keep our Christmas tree up (it's artificial). Do I want it to be up through New Year's Eve? Do I want it down before then? I don't quite know yet? When do you take down your holiday decorations?


  1. We leave the tree up until the Epiphany (1/6). I have noticed that by having less knick-knacks out (read that as: last year every surface had some Christmassy item on it) I am enjoying what I have MORE. I also plan on purging the remaining decorations that we didn't use when this year's items go away. Good job getting back to normal. I am going to take the leaves out of the table today. :)

    1. I do like the idea of keeping the tree up that long, I would likely need to put away the other decorations that our out before then.

  2. I've no clue when it is appropriate to remove the Christmas decorations! My mom had her's down on Friday by 1pm!! Mine are still up, but only because I'm too lazy to put it all away! I'm debating keeping the lights and the baubles on the ceiling up, though! The lights have stayed up for the past few years, actually (all the time, I swear!), but the baubles add a bit more color. ...basically, anything to brighten up our boring apartment!
    I'm not being very helpful, am I, ha!

    1. I keep white lights set up above our kitchen cabinets all year. Lights do add a certain festivity to a home! I expect our tree will be up until New Year's Day.

  3. I forgot to get a pic of the kids in front of the tree...oops. So they will be put in their festive outfits and I will get a pic then the tree will come down after that.

    1. That is a good plan to recreate the moment before it is really gone!