Friday, January 23, 2015

Desk File Progress

I guess taking those before pictures of my desk motivated me! I already have progress pictures to show you. As a reminder here is what my desk looked like before I dug in to tackle those files:

I do wish I had an in progress picture to show you. I basically pulled all the files in the drawer out and stacked them up on the desk. I would pull one off the pile and start flipping through it to figure out which papers needed to go. I found some old credit cards and even more checks to shred. I was able to talk to my mother on the phone while I did most of the files. I saved the shredding until our call ended.

Ready for an after picture?

The files on top of the desk needed more attention, so I brought them upstairs to work on sometime soon. I'll likely be watching tv when that happens. I have my tax file staying on the desk, and another file of things I need to scan on that pull out tray. The bag has recycling. Look at all that paper I found to shred! And the file drawer is really only half full (well a little more if I put some of the files back in). Oh, and if you were curious, I think my desk task took just under an hour even with talking to my mom and shredding.

As I mentioned yesterday, I still need to combine some files and then put as much as I can back into the metal cabinet. I think that be a job for the weekend. Boy, it sure does feel good to have made so much progress!


  1. Looking good! Congrats on your progress!

  2. It is amazing at how much paper one can have without realizing it! Congrats on getting through so much! :D

    1. You can say that again! There is nearly always stuff in every folder that probably never needed to be saved in the first place.