Monday, January 12, 2015

Extra Storage: My Confession

Do you own any empty storage containers? I do.

Four big bins & three small
Another empty bin just since Christmas!

Do you have dressers without anything in them? I do.

I refinished this. It was my father in law's.
I never have figured out a storage use for it. 

Do you own furniture that could store something, but it is empty? I do.

Night stands in the guest room are empty

Our cedar chest is empty...and might be sold soon.

Do you have a closet that is nearly empty? I do.

Guest room closet holds suitcases and linens

Under the stairs...nothing in here either!

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or bad! It seems good on the surface. It means I have plenty of space to store things. I can find an empty bin if I realize one could be utilized somewhere.

But it might mean we live in too big of a home (good to figure this out before the next move), or have too much furniture (that we can't even utilize). Or I have purchased too many bins! That isn't it though, I have had these bins forever. I don't buy them each year. We just have less stuff then we had in the past. And I do know that is a very good thing!

I hope you will find yourself with something completely empty very soon! A bin counts, or a drawer in a dresser.

Tell me. I really do want to know if you have anything EMPTY in your home.


  1. No we've got too much stuff for a 2-bedroom flat.

  2. No, nothing empty here, I'm afraid!

  3. Oh I wish I had an empty closet! Or even an empty drawer somewhere! I do have some empty storage bins, but they're of the smaller variety, so they don't really count!
    I think our bedtable (the kind that goes above/behind the bed instead of a headboard) is the "empty" thing we have - even though there are some things in the cupboards, they are just there because, well, we have these cupboards, why not, but we don't actually store anything in there on purpose.