Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Decluttering Challenge Kickoff

Happy New Year!! 

Welcome to the first ever Decluttering Challenge on Your Organized Friend! Are you excited like I am? We all want to find peace in our homes right? We know we have things we no longer need or love. It's time to kick those items to the curb...or your local charity. 

The lightened load of less in our homes will change the feel of how YOU feel in your home. Trust me. If you do the work of decluttering and maybe a little organizing along the way, you will feel the change. And you will likely feel that lightened load with just small changes. I often feel it when I declutter a cupboard or the game shelf. Yes, really! You don't have to wait to feel the lightened load until it is ALL done. It will happen along the way!

The challenge of decluttering this month 
is simply to work a little each day decluttering something. 

I think a little everyday is how we can tackle big tasks. If your big decluttering task this month is all the closets in your home. That feels overwhelming. Yep, I've felt that. It is so easy to get stopped at that stage. But what if you open the first closet today, and look in there. Don't touch anything at first. But notice what you see is suppose to be there, and then see if you notice things that aren't? Is that still overwhelming? Do you see one thing in there, that you know you no longer need in your home? It's fine if it is trash or something broken. If you pull it out and trash it today, you can count that as decluttering! 

Some of us may work at a faster pace then others. That is okay. And Awesome! Personally, if I'm in the right frame of mind I can get through a child's bedroom in several hours. Again, I have to have the right motivation and frame of mind. And it helps to have some uninterrupted time and a plan for what I'm trying to accomplish. 

I suggest taking just a few minutes today to think through what your goals are for the month. Will you be happy with doing a little work each day as the challenge suggests? Would you feel better tackling the filing cabinet before the month ends? (That's mine, and yes I would). Is there a particular area of your home that is giving you the most stress? 

Knowing your goal combined with the challenge to work towards that goal a little each day will bring you to a more peaceful place by month end. I'll be here cheering you on, providing some motivation, and inspiration. We can do this!! 

Are you ready? Feel free to share your goal for the month in the comments, or the Organized Friends Facebook Group. 


  1. I think I will focus on my daughter's room.

    1. Great Sarah! My big goal for the month is our filing cabinet and other papers. Not really exciting, but it needs to be done!

  2. I'll work on paperwork after this, even though that is a big job too.

  3. Oh the filing cabinet, ha. Mine is a disaster of electronic manuals, crochet patterns, blank cards, and VHS tapes, and a ton of other stuff that has nowhere else to go! I don't use it to "file" things, as we don't have much paper to file, so it gets counted as a storage bin, and then it turns into a bin with everything just chucked in!
    I am looking forward to cleaning this place up, though. I need to start in the living room, as its the most visible (and has the most stuff!). Probably the printer desk. It's had the same old candles on it for over a year. They can go, ha!