Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Weekend Challenge #3

Welcome to the Weekend Challenge!

Do I say this every weekend? These challenges are just ideas! There is no reason for me to be pushing you into a frenzy of decluttering and organizing. I'm just providing some thoughts that may help motivate you.
  • Tackle something visible that may be bothering you 
  • Attack that clutter that is stuffed in a drawer or shelf
  • Commit to finding 15 items you can live without
  • Use something up (a repeat from last week)
  • Consider using this weekend to drop off the items you have found to donate
  • Work for 15 minutes on the big project you defined for yourself this month
Pick one, pick several or do them all! 

Weekends for many of us provide more time to work on our decluttering and organizing. Of course, the opposite can be true depending on your commitments. I personally have one day that is more full than the other this weekend. 

I actually did drop some donations off at Goodwill on Thursday, so I can personally skip that one. I'm pretty sure I will work on my big paper purge project this weekend. I still have some files to tackle, but for the most part most of them are ready to be put back into the cabinet. If I can get that little portion of the project done, I will be very pleased!

I may also look for another 15 items to purge. I feel like I'm pretty slimmed down, but I think there are some odd items lurking about, such as a roll of carpet from two houses ago! 

Have a super weekend! And good luck with the challenge. You might consider posting on our Facebook group Organized Friends so we can keep cheering each other on! 


  1. I will try and do something. Have a great weekend!

    1. Great! I hope you have a super weekend, too.