Saturday, January 10, 2015

January Weekend Challenge!!

I have another Weekend Challenge for you! And to be honest, it feels a little odd to direct you to do something. The truth is it just an idea. You will take it on if it feels right. Right?

I have guests one day this weekend, so I don't expect to do much of anything that day. I give you permission to take one day off of decluttering. We have worked hard for over a week thinking each day what we might remove from our home. It is okay to take a break. You decide...Saturday or Sunday!

On the other day of the weekend, I challenge you to stretch yourself just a bit further than you may have each day this month so far. I will let you define what stretching is. For example, yesterday I went through one drawer of my night stand purging an instruction manual I can find online, two greeting cards, and a small envelope. I also found a necklace to donate. I also did a quick arranging of the remaining items in the drawer. This task took me less than 10 minutes. If I had gone through one more drawer, I could have considered it a stretch. See what I mean...just a stretch, not a marathon!

Keep checking in on our Facebook group, Organized Friends, and let us all cheer you on with your progress or give you ideas if you are interested in feedback. Sharing helps everyone in the group feel motivated. Remember the ultimate goal is to lessen the stress we feel in our homes. If you haven't joined the Facebook group you are welcome to join and invite a friend, too!

I will leave you with before and after photos. I needed to purge some of boxes I had stashed away. I accumulated way too many this past holiday season! It is good to have a least one of various sizes, but I long ago realized multiples of the same size isn't needed. I would say I purged nearly half.

Before: boxes out of control!

After: Boxes under control...and notice all my empty bins!
Someday I may actually have to purge these, shocking I know. :)

There will not be a post on Sunday, but I may be on Facebook with some more paper progress!


  1. Challenge accepted :)

    1. Based on what I see on Facebook you were definitely able to stretch with your project! It helps when the kids cooperate.

  2. Does it count if I threw out some empty boxes while looking through our bathroom cabinet this morning? I was looking for something else entirely, but noticed some empty packaging, and chucked it! I normally keep those boxes as stash boxes, for small things that need to be corralled, but I have enough right now, ha! :)

    1. Yes! It counts Jessica. The best thing about your example is being aware that you ran across something you didn't need and you pitched it.