Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Paper Purge Update

My goal for January has been to purge paper. And I'm doing it! There is visible progress. I'm on track to finish by the end of January. I think I'm through the hardest part. Well, I'm assuming the older stuff is the hardest, but maybe it was easier to purge since I know it is so old!

As of this post, I have opened and worked through two cardboard file boxes, and the bottom drawer of our filing cabinet. One box was nearly the full, the other was about half full. This resulted in a full paper grocery sack to be recycled. I also shredded so much paper. I  had at least 12 bags to get into the trash can. They won't all fit, so I have to keep adding one or two each week! I have reclaimed many paper clips and folders in this process, too.

The papers that I let go of consisted of previous home mortgage documents, cancelled checks, old tax documents, very old investment statements from accounts we no longer own, college term papers, college grade reports, tuition statements, student loan documents and many, many, many Army papers (think duplicates times four or five!). 

In the next few weeks, I have to tackle the girls school folders. I probably won't get rid of everything but there is bound to be some things that can go. Right now I have one file for each year they have been in school. I may eliminate a few folders and combine elementary all together, middle school and now high school. I figure losing the many folders I have may help open up more space and lighten the load. I feel like these files may be the hardest, since they will have a little more sentimental value. 

I also have to go through medical, dental and vision files. Do you keep EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)? How long? I think unless I want to document the visit and reason why I don't need to keep if the claim is paid. Agree?

I hope you are making progress with the space you were going to work on a little everyday this month. And if you didn't pick a space, it is okay, any decluttering that you are doing in your home is a good thing! 


  1. I've not gotten far with the room, and I've gotten through a few bags of paperwork. Lots more to do for both.

    1. You have made progress and with two young children under foot! High five from me.