Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shoe Storage At Our Home

This post was inspired after I posted a picture on our Facebook group, Organized Friends, to help a fellow organizing friend. Thanks, Laura! I do sometimes need inspiration on what to share once in awhile. 

Four of us live in this home and most of us don't have too many pairs of shoes, but they do add up! My girls chose to always take of their shoes when they came inside. My husband and I don't do this automatically, so I'm not sure that we really taught them. Which is a bit odd when you think about it.

At night there are at least two more pairs in here

The shoe bin has been part of our girls system since they were at least school age. Now they are in high school. One daughter arrives home through the front door most days. The bin sits in our entry way and is visible to guests. I would prefer it to be in the closet nearby, but they didn't want that when we moved here. And I actually like to store my vacuum there! We all win I guess.

Oldest daughter's: With just one pair in there.
I did see at least one pair on the floor.

Some of their shoes that they wear they keep in their bedroom closets. Some are in shoe boxes, and others in hanging shoe bags. Those shoe bags also get stuffed with other items they treasure or don't know what to do with. I honestly don't know what their systems are anymore or if they even have one!!

Youngest daughter's holds 3 pairs of slippers and toys!
I really want to get my hands on this closet, but the teen says no
which I'm respecting for now. 

In the winter or when it is wet outside, my husband and I generally take off our shoes or boots by the entrance to our garage, which is near where we hang our coats, too. I have a rug set out specifically for our shoes to dry on, rather than tracking snow and sand all over the house.

I could really just wear boots all winter!

We primarily store our shoes in our closet. Mine are in a hanging shoe rack. My husband has a small shelf that he stores his on, under and around. Nothing too fancy, but it helps to have defined places. One of us is better at keeping their space less cluttered than the other! (Not shown in these photos)

My shoes and a few extras in the top portion

My husband shoes (most of them)

We use hanging shoe racks in our coat closets for things other than shoes. One closet shoe rack has umbrellas, mittens, hats and even a tripod for our camera. The other one has gloves, hats, old Cd's and light bulbs to recycle, as well as plastic bags to recycle. It may seem a little odd (or ingenious), but it just works for us.

See my vacuum? Oh, look an empty spot!
Shoe holders used in another way

Gloves and hats are easy to find here

Where do you keep your shoes? Do you have a different routine depending on the seasons? Do you think you have any shoes that can be donated or trashed? They may be out of style, outgrown, or simply worn out. If they hurt your feet, definitely let them go!

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  1. We keep our shoes in the garage since that it where we primarily enter. We have a nice shoe rack out there and it keeps everything tidy. We have never worn shoes in our house so it seems like the ideal spot. DH does keep an old pair of tennis shoes on our back patio though for easy access to the back yard....Kellie...aka PNW Mom :)

  2. I have a shoe pile, between the entry way table and the printer table (that's how tiny our apartment is!). The space there is big enough to toss all the shoes without being in the way of anything. We do keep one pair each by our desks, though, as those are the ones we wear most frequently.
    I had a few different friends growing up that had a bin by the door for shoes, as they were no-shoe-inside households, and it was very convenient! Not the most attractive, but there was no wondering where anyone's shoes were when it was time to leave the house!