Thursday, January 8, 2015

Still Making Progress

I'm still making progress this month decluttering! I feel like I have lost a little momentum. I'm not sure entirely why. But I'm still committed. In fact more than ever!

The progress yesterday included:

  • shredding the tax documents (another big bag full)
  • decluttering the Army pay stub folder (it is thinner)
  • shredding more Army documents
  • found four items to let go of in one minute ( a battery, two dried glue sticks and a pair of shoelaces)
  • made a snack to use up chocolate chips and Crispex cereal
What I didn't get done was put away my mess! My staging area at the top of the stairs currently has two piles of papers and the shredder. I will get those put away today (unless I need the shredder again). My daughter wanted to look through old photos yesterday while home from school, so I have those boxes to put away also. They are currently on the coffee table.

I also commit to pulling out some more files to purge. It may only be a few today, as I need to get to the grocery store and get ready for possible guests this weekend. That means cleaning and washing sheets. 

Other than sharing what I did and plan to do, I wanted to point out that we sometimes don't get as much done as we think we should have or even thought we would have in a period of time. If we look back though we know we did something and that is an improvement. It often takes time to notice the changes in decluttering. I feel like I'm not seeing the changes in a big way because I'm working on paper that is stored in my basement. I don't see that everyday. I'm looking forward to taking a picture of my file cabinet at the end of the month. I think there will be a marked difference!

Keep progressing, keep moving forward, and declutter something today! It does make a difference. 

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  1. I know the feeling of not being able to see improvements as you go along! This is the story of my life, ha! But it is also true that you just have to keep trucking, and keep in mind all that you have done (both big and small!).
    I love how willing you are to share your momentum and success. Thank you so much!