Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time Management

I have my good days, but I do struggle with managing my time. I blame it on the internet. It seems to be a bit of an addiction!! The less I'm online, the better I do.

I do need to be on the internet to communicate with friends, pay bills, and check email. That is the minimum. I occasionally do research for purchases, which sometimes lead to online purchases. And currently, I'm researching schools and homes for our next move this summer.

I manage to find other reasons to be online as well. This blog and our Organized Friends Facebook community is one. And one thing just leads to another where it feels like I'm online much more than I should be.

Anyone else in a similar situation?

I'm in the process of either managing my time online, or managing my day (so that I'm not online as much).  I'm not sure exactly what that means. Yet. I'm thinking either a time line of my day by hour or half hour with what I should be doing. Although that seems a little too planned for someone who doesn't work outside the home!

I could also make a list each night of things I need to accomplish BEFORE I can get on the computer. This actually may be the best plan. I can imagine seeing the computer as a reward. Another thing that would help is to turn the computer off completely when I leave it for a little bit. That would give me a little time to consider whether I really need to turn it back on.

Time management is likely going to be a big goal for me to work on during the month of February. That is partly why I'm thinking about it now. I want to have a few ideas to try and work on when the new month starts. I'm definitely open to hearing any ideas those of you reading have for me, or just share what you do that helps you be productive and keep your computer time to a minimum.

Update on the paper purge: I have completed the entire metal filing cabinet! I just have one drawer in my desk to complete before month end. And I will also disclose that the files in the file cabinet have not yet been returned. I'm going to attempt to consolidate a few files as I put them back in. 


  1. I'm the same, I need to manage how often I'm online too. I get distracted so easily. And I've got a lot of sites bookmarked so I'm always checking them, even if I wasn't supposed to, or have checked them already. This blog being one of them.

  2. Have you looked into a Chronodex at all? There are a lot of different varieties of them floating around Pinterest and whatnot, but after filling one in it provides a great visual as to how you've spent your day!
    I struggle with the getting-off-the-internet bit. A lot. We are computer people in our house. I have to mentally pull myself away from the internet, ha! Sometimes, it doesn't work. I do try, though, to get all my important stuff done first in my day, and then move on to something that isn't computer related (which works most days), but I still come back sooner than I ought to!

    1. I don't know what a Chronodex is, but I don't know that it would keep me off the computer would it? I do really well if I make lists...and then look at them and check things off. If I don't see the list because I'm on the computer...well lets say things just don't get done!

    2. While it may not keep you off the computer, it will help you see when you are on the computer! It's basically a clock that you fill in either throughout the day or at night, with when you were doing certain things. Carie Harling on Youtube has some fabulous videos about these (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ImXjCqWVCo) (and there are many different varieties of them on Pinterest). It just allows you a visual representation of what your time is being dedicated to throughout the day :)

  3. I'm a list girl myself. I don't make them as often as I used to, but when I do I get a lot done. I don't need bright colors but that might make it more fun! I think I just get a kick out of crossing things off. It makes me feel so productive.
    I like the computer but I do try to limit myself. In fact I got to a point where I would go weeks without checking Facebook. It's such a time waster. Now I am there more often, just to check Organized Friends! And if it's a friend's birthday or someone just had a baby, I will check in on their Facebook page but that is it.

    1. Congrats on getting better about Facebook! I, too, get a kick of crossing items off my list.