Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Today's post is random updates. I'll let you decide if they are random or organized!

Decluttering and Making Money
We purchased a new fridge last week. It was delivered Sunday. The delivery men were nice enough to help us move the fridge down about four steps. As a result, we had a spare, yet working, refrigerator in our garage. Not the plan long term because I would only see it as clutter. Yesterday, I decided to list it on Craigslist late in the afternoon. By mid evening it had been picked up. Extra fridge gone in a flash and an extra $100 in our pockets!! I'm super pleased that it didn't clutter our garage for too long and that it can still be used by someone else.

Bonus Decluttering
In addition to the fridge the buyers ended up with a carpet remnant. They set the fridge on its side in their truck. In order not to scratch it, I offered a roll of carpet that was from two homes ago. I had my eye on it recently as something that I could let go of. So a bonus item decluttered! I'm counting that for my small decluttering for the day.

Time Management Progress
I am planning to continue to stay off the computer in the mornings to accomplish to do lists I make the night before. I did this two days last week and already once this week. I can see a big difference in what I accomplish. What I'm finding is that it allows me more time than I usually give myself to do these tasks. If I get on the computer in the morning, I can find plenty of things to do to waste my morning away, leaving just a short period of time to get things done before the family arrives back home. It really should be the other way around, a short period of time to accomplish computer tasks! The biggest obstacle in getting this done each day is having the list ready the evening before. I'm usually not awake enough to really be thinking through what tasks I need to get done! 

Paper Adjustments
My post yesterday was how I had refiled all the files. Today I spent about ten minutes on the files again, and actually moved all of the files in the box INTO the filing cabinet. I put those in back of the bottom drawer. I was able to push them in there tightly because of a piece of metal in there (no idea what the term for that is!).  These files are mostly keepsake or old tax files only needed if we were audited. There is no need to get to them frequently. I do not have any files in boxes! I am keeping the boxes though, since we take most of our own files with us during our moves for security purposes.

Recycling Folders
I kept only five empty paper file folders. The the remaining ones were sent to the recycle bin. I've reused most of these many, many times. I guess I'm ready for new ones should that need arise! I really wonder if it will. It seems more and more things are being stored digitally. And interestingly enough, in the pile of empty file folders I found three more files I need to go through! I'm not sure how those ended up in there. I will need to add these to about five others that I still have set aside to finish. I think that is the goal for today!

January's Blog Theme
This month's theme on the blog was to work on decluttering something everyday. Most of my decluttering was paper! Are you still keeping the decluttering goal in mind each day? There are still five days left to make some dents in the cluttered areas of your home. 


  1. How late in the evening do you write your list? Could you start writing it after dinner?
    I'm still trying to declutter each day.

    1. I'm writing my list pretty late, so starting earlier would help!

  2. Great update! Covers lots of ground that I'd like to integrate into a simple existence. :) I realized this morning that I'm not as far gone as I think I am. It is Catholic Schools Week and kids can wear crazy hats. I knew right where the dress up bin was (thanks to the little time in the basement at the beginning of the month) and was able to produce options. My younger daughter needed a new file folder (accordion pleated kind). I knew where the stash was and ended up trading one I use that was what she was looking for. I moved into the old one. Saved money and time. By moving the papers in, it was less to do later and took four minutes. I also spend time on coupons and files (for taxes). The basement needs some major attention ("When I have time"!!). I enjoy the motivation this blog provides. :)

    1. You know you are not disorganized when you know where to find things even among some clutter! Great job Laura and thanks for the compliment.