Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Results

It's been a long weekend for us. My girls are home today and were off school on Friday, too. We seem to have found a balance between relaxing, socializing and accomplishing some tasks. On Saturday, I suggested a weekend challenge.

I did buy a calendar for 2015. I updated the birth dates and anniversaries and then recycled the one from 2015. I also bought some other items...such as shampoo, and a few groceries. Nothing that adds to our clutter.

The item I used up was shelf liner, which I have in some of my cupboards, but the remainder has been in under my kitchen sink for 2 1/2 years!

I decided to use it in my utensil drawer to keep the utensils from sliding back when I open and close the drawer. They stay lined up pretty well, but just keep sliding back. Maybe not a need, but a good use for the shelf liner I hadn't used up.

The first step was to pull everything out and wipe up a few crumbs!

I cut two strips to make sure the liner would cover the entire drawer. 

And then less than five minutes later, I had all the utensils put back in the drawer. Time will tell if this type of liner will help keep these utensils from moving towards the back of the drawer.

After this little project, I still had some shelf liner left over. 
So I put some underneath our coffee mugs!

It didn't quite reach the full length of the cupboard like I prefer, but I used it up!

Did you use anything up this weekend? Were you able to avoid buying anything? If not, did the items you purchased replace something you were able to get rid of?

The other good news of the weekend was that my daughter did her own decluttering in her room, primarily her desk. It seems my recent decluttering may have rubbed off on her a bit!! This mama is proud since she new some items were trash, some could be recycled and some could be donated. 

Daughter decluttering her room...with sunlight streaming in the between the blinds. 


  1. I bought some groceries over the weekend that I had forgotten to grab on Thursday (and even went into Michael's for a hole punch I need, which they didn't have, and I walked out empty handed!).
    And I (am far too proud of myself for this) cleaned off the top of the fridge! And found TWO candles! The Mister is fond of candles, so finding two that we didn't know we had was like Christmas!
    And congrats on your daughter catching the decluttering bug! :D

    1. That is fabulous Jessica! I'm proud of you.

  2. Hmmm, I have some shelf liner I could use up too. It's the same color as yours and I use it in my upstairs bath, but could use some in my kitchen too. Why didn't I think of that before? I wish my daughter would catch the decluttering bug too!

    1. I like using mine in the kitchen under dishes it makes it seem safer with glassware to me. Probably isn't, but it seems like it!