Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Basement Progress Already

Wow! I don't know what got into me yesterday. I guess I was motivated. Or honestly, I think writing yesterday's post about where things stood in our basement was helpful. As I wrote and looked at the pictures I had some insights about items that should go. That is always a start!

The other thing that happened was I realized I had several areas or types of things could be combined... at least temporarily. The first one to come together for me in my mind was my home decor items. I have items that I'm probably ready to get rid of, but because I might have a way to use the items as I get the house ready to sell and look it's very best, I'm keeping them. Once I have the house ready for sale, the items I'm not using and do not like, I'm am donating before any pictures are listed for sale.

Here's my temporary decor stash:

I actually added a few more items after that picture. Specifically, some picture frames! And even two small containers I never use.

Oh, and I had the most brilliant idea!! Well, I think so. I remember awhile back I showed you some of my empty spaces. One of them was the space underneath our stairs in the basement. I decided to move our extra dining chairs  and table leaves to this space. I'm excited about this idea because it will keep them out of the basement storage area. I really want to reduce the number of items lining the walls in that space. Seriously...why didn't I think of this before?!

See the cute kitty checking out the new arrangement?
The other thing I will show you for now is that I moved all the art items to one area. These really just belong to my oldest daughter. We are going to go through these items together and honestly most of them will likely be kept. But it doesn't hurt to cull through things once in awhile. We also may try to make a plan for how to store them and which items may go with her to college and which go with us to the new state.

Guess what? There is more progress than this!! But you will have to wait until Thursday for more updates. Hopefully, I will have an entire set of pictures for you on Friday showing the changes in the basement so far.

I also have to thank you for reading. I know you are out there! This really helps me stay motivated with what I really need to get done right now.

Remember tomorrow is the Wednesday 15 Challenge!! Declutter or trash fifteen items from your home. Feel free to share here in the comments or on the Organized Friends Facebook page.


  1. Brilliant to move the chairs and table leaf to the under-stair-area! Dedicated space for them, out of the way, yet not farther away from the actual table than they already were!

    1. Exactly! Not sure why I didn't think of it before.