Thursday, February 12, 2015

Basement Storage: More Changes

So, I wasn't exactly organized as I was working on my basement. I found myself kind of all over the place. I'd do one thing, but then get distracted with another items that caught my attention. At one point I turned off the furnace to change the filter, but right after that I forgot to do it...until several minutes later when I saw the filters again and realized I didn't change it yet! Crazy how the mind works sometimes.

You might see there are a few blank spots in our shelves. That means progress!

There had been a black tote full of table clothes on the second shelf right side. I decided I wanted the canvas type tote to go. Instead of just stacking them on the shelf, I moved them to one of my empty spaces that would put them out of sight. They are now stored in the drawers of a dresser!

I don't have a picture, but I moved two kitchen items to our kitchen! A coffee carafe was moved to the cupboard above our fridge and a Pyrex dish with lid was added to the others we have in our kitchen.  I did decide to part with a silverware tray since I realized the one with fewer slots works just fine and I really wouldn't need to change it if we end up with more space in the next home.

I moved some electronic boxes into the container we store some of these things. Inside I found the boxes from our cells phones we got in May. I generally like to keep these for a few months, but at this point there is no reason..unless I just want to look at how pretty they are! The boxes went to recycling and I kept the two different manuals. I will need to check and see if these are available online. 

When I showed the status of the basement on Monday, I thought the footlockers were empty. I was wrong. They both have the Army items my husband said we could sell or part with. I have a pile elsewhere that I'm preparing to sell. I just forgot how much more there is!! These items will have to wait until I can find some containers for mailing these items when they sell.

It is possible that I could combined the items into one, but for now I just left it and stacked them in an open space I made when I moved the box of Legos to the shelf showing there on the right. There had been other bins there full of art, but I showed you in a previous post that I have those items stacked together to look through with my daughter.

I'm also excited about where I put the carpet cleaner and fan. 

They are now lined up near the water heater. This area is to the left as you enter the storage room. The door opens left and kind of blocks the view of the furnace which is blocking the view of all of the items seen in the picture.  

This chair is leaving our home too. It was in that space where I put the footlockers. We have two desk chairs and the other one is better. Occasionally, I pull this one out when I'm sewing, but sometimes I just grab the other desk chair. We don't need two, we have other options. That definitely helps the look by getting it out of the way!

I'm definitely not done. There is more to do. However, I feel like I have at least turned the corner in making some decisions about what really needs to move with us. Now, I know you really want to see another set of pictures of how the basement looks since I worked on all these things. I get that update to you tomorrow! 

Do you have extras in your basement, like chairs or lamps? Could you put some items in your basement back into your kitchen or in another space in your home?


  1. No basement or attic here. Good job!

    1. Thank you! We don't put anything in our attic, it isn't easy to get to.

  2. I wish I had an extra chair of lamp about, so I could switch out the ones we have!! We both want new desk chairs, but they are so expensive! And our floor lamp gets ridiculously hot, so we don't use it often (though it does come in handy from time to time as out living room ceiling light isn't actually over the living room (our apartment is full of quirks like that!).But, as it was free, we really can't complain too much, I suppose!

    I keep my cell phone boxes too, for a little while, and then chuck them once I figure out that no, I do not need anything inside them (when learning a new phone, I do like to have the manual on hand, to learn it's quirks and whatnot.

    1. I can be nice to have extras, but they also get in the way if you don't use them, which is what is happening here with our lamps and chair.