Friday, February 6, 2015

Decluttering Can Be Fast

I have now issued two decluttering challenges involving finding 15 items in your home to donate or trash (or get rid of in some way). I have issued them on Wednesday. One was posted here on the blog and the following one was posted to the Organized Friends Facebook page just this past Wednesday.

The latest one earlier this week was spontaneous on my part and I'm not even sure that I personally planned to participate when I issued the challenge. I think I just wanted to be the cheerleader and keep those reading motivated. A couple people responded that they DID declutter 15 items. Yea! Super happy about that.

And guess what? That motivated me to go looking for items to declutter. I didn't even start looking until after 7pm.  And this is because I had been busy with home maintenance earlier in the day! I chose to go down to my basement knowing that many places upstairs have been nearly purged to the bare minimum. Or so it seems. 

I spent less than ten minutes looking for items. I simply opened a two drawers and two containers in our basement. The items were pretty obvious...things I didn't like, were used up or wouldn't be used in the future. 

And yes, I found 15 items! And a little bit more.

Specifically, I found three different ribbons, two hotel lotions, two gift bags, two clip boards, 10 containers of paint and a plastic bag full of yarn and instructions from a COMPLETED latch hook rug. Oh, and freebie notebook and pencil set. Not all of these items will be donated, some are trash. However, I did notice my current bin of donations is getting pretty full. I will definitely be making another run at the end of this month, if not before. 

Get ready! 
The Wednesday 15 is now a weekly challenge!


  1. Great!! I'll be able to do this until I'm back at work. (I work all day on a Tuesday and Wednesday, 8-5pm. When I come home it will be dinner then bedtime for kids. How can I declutter then? Any ideas?)

    1. Sarah, it could be that those days you DON'T declutter, but if you do I'd at least consider it a 5 minute challenge to see what you can find. Remember I'm all about small amounts adding up over time. I bet you will find you can still declutter while working, but maybe not at the same pace.

  2. Makes me wish I had more drawers, so getting rid of more stuff would be easy, ha!
    I'm at the point, though, where the easy stuff is basically done. Everything else requires mental power to get rid of it, or a lot of effort to get rid of it (ie kitchenware/glass stuff).

    1. Glass and kitchenware can be donated, right? Find a box to start adding to. Do you have a drop off location where you can drive up? Those are the most convenient! I also like groups that come through the neighborhood once a month.