Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goals

Making an 'organization' goal last month was definitely productive for me. I was able to eliminate reams of paper from our home. I'm actually still in a little bit of shock of how much we had that we didn't need. Most of it was organized and I could easily find things. It turns out that we just had a lot of paper we never referenced or needed. I would bet money I still have some that could go, but let's not talk about that okay?

As I think about what I want to accomplish for February, I know that I want to continue working on my time management. I need to spend less time on the computer and more time actually getting things done! Since I had some days last month experimenting with this, I think it is something that I can continue into the month of February. I plan to make a list each night with things I want to accomplish the next day before I turn on the computer. Ideally, I would like to keep the computer off until at least 11 am. I'm sure you will see me reporting my 'to do ' list. Remember? I like lists!!

I'm going to have a lot to accomplish in the next month or two, as we prepare our home for sale. It is a nearly new home, so there isn't a lot we have to do. However, there is still a list! And the list will take some time. Expect that I will have some posts about things we are doing in our home to prepare for sale, including taking care of the stash of paint shown in the picture below. 

I've always been pretty good at selling our excess items when they have value. I have sold on Craigslist and eBay with pretty good success. I have a pile of items ready to go. I just need to find that little bit of motivation to get it done! Just writing that and knowing you are reading has at least lit a little flame to get moving on it. I'll let you know at the end of the month how I do with that goal.

I will continue to keep my eyes open for items that can leave our home. I know there are definitely some hanging around. My best guess is that many are in the basement or my daughter's rooms. One daughter did go through her room recently, so I guess I mean the other daughter! I think my goal for her is sometime in March. I will give her a heads up and start talking about how she would like to handle that task. One idea I have is to just look in her room while she is at school and make a list of items I think she could let go of, or at least ask about. This is similar to how I worked with my husband last week, but without pulling items out of their designated place. If I move things that will upset her so I think just looking and making a list may be a good start. I haven't tried this method before, so I will report back how that goes as well. 

See those boxes below? Those were put around our mattresses when we moved over 2 1/2 years ago. My husband keeps putting the guest bed back in them! I think they just need to be offered for free because in my mind some mom or dad wants their child to make a fort out of them! Really they just may need to be recycled, but I think they need to go, since I'm sure we will be getting more pretty soon! I will try the giving away route first. :)

Those goals don't seem that exciting. Even to me. Or maybe you are more excited than me! In the beginning, I didn't think the paper purge was all that exciting either. The excitement usually comes when the goal is accomplished. Or somewhere along the way when you can see progress. And the only way to see progress is to start and see where you end up. I find I usually get farther along than I expect in the beginning. 

Ready for February? Do you have some of your own goals for your home? Are you going to continue to work on last month's goal? Do you have a new goal, or a combination of them like I do? And I really want to know if you ever made any sort of fort or contraption out of cardboard when you were a kid? 


  1. Yes on the cardboard front! A new fridge delivery brought a slide.
    Giant cardboard box, laid on it's side down the porch steps (there were only 3 or 4 steps) so it made a wonderful slide.
    Oh, and another fridge delivered to another friend allowed for forts. Except we got in them with them standing right side up, put pillows and blankets in them, and could knock ourselves over (as it was the only way to get out!).
    Then they got all tore up (on both occasions) and that was the end of that!

    So far as goals for February, continuing the momentum I've picked up in January is on my agenda. And, we may have to move in the next few months (our apartment management is changing, which always means raised rents, which we cannot afford!), so getting rid of stuff now, while it's up in the air, seems perfect.

    1. Your comment made me remember that my girls used our moving boxes on the steps to make a slide after one of our moves. A little dangerous, but they were entertained!

      Moving is a big motivator to let go of stuff, good luck!

  2. February goals:
    1. Continue shredding (and finish it!)
    2. Deal with room. I would love to finish it but lets not aim too high. I think I have Dh on board although I have to do my best not to talk about these goals too much with him because I can be a bit repetitive. Good thing I can share progress on FB with like-minded people.
    I remember using an old box as a slide down a few steps when I was a kid.

    1. I'm glad you can 'talk' to us on FB about your goals, and I think you have some good ones. And be really thankful your husband is supporting of what you are doing, even if he doesn't want to talk about it quite as much!

  3. Our basement has turned into storage for no longer used toys, mostly my daughter's. We had a room down there once but we got water and weren't able to afford to fix it back into a room again. However, we are hoping to make progress with that this year so I need to get rid of the toys. I need to go through some of them and call the VVA again for another pick up. So that is my goal.

    1. Great goal, Laurie to be preparing the space for the construction. I would think that would keep you motivated.