Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First Official Wednesday 15

The Wednesday 15 Kickoff!

Today's the day. 
The official start to our Wednesday 15 challenge. 
The other two we had weren't official. This one and all future ones are! :)

I'm simply challenging you to find 15 items you can remove from your home, preferably not just basic household trash, but if you must it can count too. Is there a penalty for not meeting the goal? Of course not. One thing is better than none, right? Is there a reward for meeting the goal. Yes, the joy of finding more space in your home for things you love. Notice how you feel letting these items go that you just don't need. Often it is a feeling of satisfaction and peace. 

I'll post my 15 items here today and I encourage you to post a list here and/or on our Organized Friends Facebook page, where you can add pictures. I think we all like to see what others are getting rid of. It sure helps motivate me!

Here are the approximately 15 items I found that can leave our home:

A ball, scarf, hat, silverware tray, fabric and four blank cds.

Many, many, paint samples.

Coupons I won't use, shoe inserts, two pens and a figurine.
I counted each individual pen and each CD, but the coupons and paint samples I grouped together as just one item. It feels good! I don't expect to miss any of these items either. I was actually using one of the pens to write some things when I realized it didn't write well at all, checked the other one and it was the same. Easy decision there. 

The figurine was given to my sister who then offered to me. I realized that it didn't really hold meaning for me, so I'm letting it go. I found an item in my basement to replace where it on display. I'm much happier with the change. 

Ironically, my husband mentioned earlier this week he need rewritable CDs. I was thrilled that I knew we had five. He did use one, but he really need discs that would hold far more information. Now that we have new discs, I'm letting these go since we have been storing them for years!

It is now your turn!! Go and find 15 items that can leave your home and report back. 


  1. This morning I got rid of:
    - A swinging chair
    - A baby bath
    - A top and tail bowl
    - A Moses basket
    - a changing bag
    - Bottle warmer
    - Two tummy time mats
    - Two photos that were given to us

    I think I've got some coupons to get rid of too. That's only 10 items so I need to find five more.

  2. I was going to say, don't get rid of the CD-Rs!! They're useful! But if you've gotten larger capacity ones, then yes, let them go, ha! It may seem like a silly thing to keep, but if a computer goes down and you can un-kill it, sometimes CD-Rs are necessary. Not like I've ever had to do that before, no, never... ;)

    1. Well those lower capacity ones are gone...already dropped at the Goodwill! We now have double the number or more of the higher capacity ones, so we should be good. I might need your computer tips someday when I declutter my computer!!

  3. I didn't get to 15! I did get rid of the pile of Christmas cards that were still on my mantel and two hair products I will never use.

    1. It still counts in my book! Maybe if you counted each card you made it.