Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just 17 Minutes

Earlier this week, I noticed a had a messy counter. It actually was not a big revelation. I had seen it growing and becoming a problem for nearly a week. It is so easy to just set things in a pile to deal with later. I have found the sooner I deal with things the less piles grow!

I posted this photo to Organized Friends on Facebook, so I would be motivated to tackle it. I then wondered how long it might take to just get through the stuff. I took pictures to show you and me how much time this little irritating task would take. I do realize this may not seem messy to you but it was to me!

The mess I wanted to tackle

Start time
When I was working on this task, I found several items that didn't even belong in that basket. They had other homes. I made sure to get those items to those places right away. I didn't really make other piles for later, primarily because they felt more stressful to do on this particular day. I even eliminated one of my pen containers. Two seemed a bit much! There was plenty of paper that was able to be recycled as usual.

This is the result of the time spent. A basket with less stuff and neatly stored. A pile of papers, all current and neatly stacked. I actually did put them leaning against the wall with the basket holding them up so that less counter space is used.

Oh, and yes, like the title of this post indicated, this task took me 17 minutes. It maybe could have been done in slightly less time, as I did notice I got distracted with something for a little bit. Does that happen to you? Or is it just me? 

End time

I have found putting a timer on or simply timing myself can help be a great motivator to get tasks done. Especially the ones that don't seem that exciting!

Do you use a timer to motivate you? 


  1. Yes I use it when I want Sophie to take her toys back to her room (5 mins) and when I want to get stuff put away in the kitchen or dishes done (15 mins). Sophie treats it like a race for those five mins.

    1. So cute that she likes to race the clock! Whatever works, right?!

  2. Really like how you timed yourself to see how long a task takes. I have more experience with just setting the timer to see how much I can actually do in 15 or 20 minutes. Most things take so little time. It's generating the willingness that takes the most energy. I like your end result with that basket and how much different it looks!

    1. Thanks! And I can say it still looks close to the same today. I had too many different things in there.

  3. I've done time tracking before, and it was fun, but it was also stressful, to try and get as much done as quickly as I could so it looked like I got a lot done! But, I guess it worked out since, ya know, I got a lot done :D
    I get easily distracted as well, but I've just learned to deal with it. It's going to happen, so getting frustrated with myself over it isn't going to help!