Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paint Purge Begins!

I tackled the paint stash today. Remember I mentioned that was one of my goals for February? It looked like this before I got started. At least it is all in one place and easy to find, but it is too big of a stash!

When I went downstairs today to start on the project, I thought I would just be making a list of what I needed to combine and what I might want to get rid of. As it turns out there were only two types of paint to combine. And I pretty much knew what needed to stay and what needed to go. So I tackled it!

The organizer in me couldn't help but get a table set up with newspaper and appropriate tools (a can opener, stir stick, brush and marker). I even got out Popsicle sticks thinking I could make sample stick colors. In the end, I decided that was unnecessary and too time consuming.

I combined the paint in the five gallon containers, as well as paint in 
two one gallon containers that were the same color. 

Getting rid of two containers is a big help! I will probably trash the small container and donate the large five gallon bucket to Habitat Restore.

I decided all the spray paint shouldn't move with us. We would be required to haul these ourselves and space is at a premium. I can always buy more paint if I ever need it. Some of the paint isn't on anything in the house that will stay when we sell. I decide those smaller cans could be donated too.

I have three quarts of sample paint colors from Sherwin Williams. They are nearly full. I'm going to attempt to sell them online to someone else who may be considering the same colors. Or someone who might want some neutral colors for crafts.

I have set aside two items I plan to use as we get the house prepped, but they will leave the house before the house is on the market. Again, they will go to Habitat Restore if there is any left!

I don't think I worked on this project for more than an hour, maybe forty-five minutes at the most. I did get the ones I'm letting go of now out to the garage in my donation pile for Habitat. So the final stash of paint that will stay with the house (if the buyers confirm) looks like this:

It is still a big stash, but it is so much better. It is possible in our preparations we will use some of this paint up. That means it will get even smaller! Now I suppose I should look into our crafty paints too. That means I'm not officially done with the paint for the month. But I'm so much closer!

I did manage to take a few minutes to write the room on each of the paint cans that remain. This way the new owner will know which paint goes to which room without any problem. I know I will be using some of that paint below to freshen up our garage steps this spring! 

Do you have any paint stashed in your home? Are there any containers you could combine or get rid of? 


  1. That's a great idea to save the ones for house prep and to pass along to the new buyers! Sort of like handing down appliance manuals.
    We have only recently learned that we may have to buy a house, and while it's super exciting, I'm hoping to learn vicariously through you how this all works xD

    1. We have purchased three homes, sold two and getting ready to sell the third. I hope I can help! We also get movers to pack which is heavenly, but costly (although the military pays).