Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photo Storage Changes

I mentioned earlier in the week, my need for better photo organization. I made a little change in that regard. I bought new photo boxes. I was really disliking the boxes I purchased in the late 1990s or early 2000s. And they didn't match. My organized brain didn't like that!!

The ugly photo boxes
For six dollars I purchased three new ones in black. I hope black doesn't go out of style in a decade. And I really hope I have a better system in a decade!

Matching black photo boxes
Inside two of the boxes were pictures line up neatly.

These were easy to switch over in seconds to the beautiful new black photo box.

One of the boxes just has various photos thrown in there. Some are from when my husband and I were children, others are from Christmas cards, and who knows where the rest are really from! I did find a couple items in the box as I was doing the transfer that I pulled out to get rid of. Otherwise, for now I just left the pile as messy as I found it.

I thought I had let go of actual negatives. I was wrong. I actually kept them and bought negative sleeves to keep them in! They are organized by date. I'm impressed with my former self!! 

I couldn't get them back into the boxes. Maybe the boxes are slightly smaller? I will find another place to store them, while I consider whether they need to be kept. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, considering not once have I needed a negative from these neatly organized files in nearly 18 years!

My new black photo boxes went back on the shelf in our basement where I had the original boxes stored. They look so much better! The old ones are being donated. It might be easy to say that I could find another use for them, but I dislike the patterns so much at this point I don't want to see them again!

It does feel good to do a mini update...especially when it only cost me $6!

What do you think? Better? Have you done a mini update lately that made you feel a little better about your home?


  1. Nice! You're right,black is better :)

  2. Better! Also, black will never go out of style xD
    I went through a ton of photos lately and chucked the negatives. I thought about keeping them, but then I realized that if I ever want a copy of a photo, it can be scanned at just about any place that processes photos now-a-days, and keeping more stuff I don't need isn't going to help me any!

    1. I thought I had already discarded the negatives. I think I will just toss them next time I'm down there...part of me wants to save the cute file folders...but those should probably go too!