Monday, February 16, 2015

Photos...That Need To Be Organized

Last week I whittled down our wedding cards. In the process of writing about that, I took pictures of my wedding album. I currently keep it in a bin with other albums and miscellaneous photos. It is a big bin and it doesn't even hold everything!!

I have printed photos in the shoe boxes below. They are packed in, so not really easy to access. I'm also tired of the design...not that it really matters, since they are in my basement. Yes, the green bin holds the wedding cards we decided to keep. I still need to move those to our wedding album. 

Now that we are in the digital age, we aren't really adding any pictures to the ones we have. I suppose that is a good thing. Although, I'm sure I have plenty of photos that could be deleted from our computer. Or many that could be printed and displayed in our home. 

I would like to get a better system for our photos. I'm sure there are photos that aren't needed. I did get rid of the duplicates years ago. I think I also let go of most negatives as well since we can now scan photos if needed. I'm not starting this project now...I've got many other things to work on, but this may be on the list for after we move. I may consider making photo books online that I can then print, but then will I want to let the actual photos go? So many things to think about!

How do you keep your photos organized? Any ideas or tips for me? 


  1. Photo albums. Or Project Life. Simpy because of the pockets (for both systems). I used a photo album to hold all of my photos from my family and when I was a kid and all that nonsense. Then for everything that is for me and the Mister, that goes into my Project Life album, which is actually really easy, because of the pockets! Just cut photo to size, slide in, add a journaling card (which, so far, just holds a date or something simple like that) and call it good!

    1. I learn things from you Jessica! I had not heard of Project Life kits. Very interesting concept.