Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Progress on a February Goal

Sunday night while watching Downton Abbey and the Oscars, I began listing some items I want to sell on eBay. The items shown below have been sitting in boxes since the beginning of February. I just needed to take time to weigh them and start writing descriptions. I only took the time to do four items. But at least I started!! 

My plan is to list a couple items each day. Usually, I prefer to list on Sundays or Tuesdays so I can list for 7 or 5 days and have the auctions end on a Sunday. I noticed last night, I only listed one as an auction. The rest were Buy It Now listings. So really those don't matter when they are listed. They will sell when some one decides to buy. If they don't sell as Buy It Now listings, I can change them to auctions later, which is a simple change on eBay. The hardest part is just getting the basic information put into the site. I should not say it's hard, but more time consuming.  So now, I have a plan to keep moving forward with this little task as I have a little time each day. It is a bit like my paper shredding project in January!

I usually store my shipping boxes in the basement storage area. They are stacked up in the corner of the picture below. On that black filing cabinet primarily. I'm about to use most of them as you can see in my picture above! That will help eliminate that bit of an eyesore. 

I found a place to store the extra packing material and a couple boxes I don't have a use for yet. In the cedar chest with my paper recycling bag, shredder and trash can. I am a bit excited about this!

I already made a switch to how things are stored in the cedar chest with the addition of the boxes and packing material. (Unfortunately, no picture of that yet.) I went to use the shredder and realized the outlet was on the right side of the chest. I moved the trash can and shredder to that end, so I can open up the chest, set the shredder on top of trash can and plug in. Once I'm done shredding it is a simple task to unplug and move the shredder back off the can. I don't really have to take anything OUT of the cedar chest.

Did you have a goal for February you are just now getting to? Do you keep a shipping boxes, if so, do you have a limit for yourself? Have you come up with a creative storage system in your home?


  1. Good idea doing it a little at a time :)

  2. I tried selling on eBay a few times, and it is quite easy, but also really hard at the same time. I hate not getting feedback as a seller xD
    I like how you have already reconfigured the chest to work even better for you - not every solution is going to be the perfect one, it may need to be tweaked in order for it to work best, and that's a-ok :)
    I think the best storage system I've done lately is adding a 3-drawer Sterilite cart next to my desk...it holds all the stuff I want to have on hand, while still allowing me to have actual desk space to do stuff with!

    1. I like that you created more work space for yourself!