Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things to Declutter While Watching TV

While I was watching the Super Bowl earlier this week, I realized I could likely be doing some decluttering at the same time. I decided that night I could sort through coupons and store flyers. I also came up with a list of other ideas one could declutter while watching television:

  • Coupons 
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • A drawer from your desk
  • Recipes
  • Mail
  • Emails
  • Tax documents and receipts
  • Instruction manuals (I wonder how I know this one)
  • A purse or wallet
  • Make up drawer or bag
  • Apps on your phone
  • Paper files and piles of any kind
  • Craft supplies
  • A child's backpack or your backpack
  • Spices (check for expiration dates and toss if expired)
At times I have made an effort to get up during commercials to go do something. Sometimes it is to put away the laundry, turn off lights, fill out a form, get an item ready for shipping or other various small tasks that can be completed in the span of 4-7 minutes. 

We don't actually watch to much TV at our house. We have a maximum of three shows we watch during the span of one week. Otherwise we may put a movie on to watch together once, occasionally twice a week. It doesn't seem like a lot, but when we add it up, there is at least five hours of time that could be used to get a few extra tasks completed. 

Do you use the time you watch television to multitask? What other items could be decluttered watching television? Any other tasks? 


  1. At my house, if you're sitting and watching TV the two tasks are: folding towels and matching socks, things that I could easily do and just don't. We are TV junkies by some standards: Tuesday is Dance Moms and Thurs is Project Runway. The boys will randomly watch the History Channel which doesn't teach much about history ... actually! I like this list! :)

    1. Do you mean your children have to match socks and fold towels if they are watching tv? I think that is good to have them help, while at the same time getting the enjoyment of a little television.

    2. Obviously not all of the time, but if there is a laundry basket with unfolded towels and the bin of socks, the understanding is while you are watching, you will help. :)

    3. I think that is a great way of handling those tasks!

  2. Yes I can get a lot done while watching tv, or should I say when the tv's on (There's only so much Curious George and Ben and Holly I can watch) Folding laundry, sorting out mail, paperwork.

    1. Oh I can relate to that Sarah. Barney was a big one that I could not really watch as the repeated over and over again!

  3. Oh but I only watch TV when I've given up on the day, ha! Like last night, I was just not feelin' too well (had been jittery all day) and needed a lie down. Didn't last long, of course, and then picked up some crochet while I was over there, but I actually already need to be doing something while watching TV in the first place xD

    1. Jessica, I think if I lived alone I would rarely watch TV! It would be a last resort for me. I would guess crocheting is more relaxing than television if you are jittery. :)

    2. Indeed it was! Though I do like having it on for background noise!!

  4. Commercials are so repetitive I use TV time for small mends and repairs, sew a button or a hem, take out a zipper to make sure I buy the right size/right colour I take the damaged on to the fabric store. I've sewn the tabs that hold kitchen chair pads in place several times.