Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday 15 - February 25, 2015

The Wednesday 15!

I'm challenging you to find 15 items you can remove from your home, preferably not just basic household trash, but if you must it can count too. Is there a penalty for not meeting the goal? Of course not. One thing is better than none, right? Is there a reward for meeting the goal. Yes, the joy of finding more space in your home for things you love. Notice how you feel letting these items go that you just don't need. Often it is a feeling of satisfaction and peace. 

This weeks 15 items for me came as a result of getting new towels primarily. Out with the old, in with the new like I said on Monday. I even bought a couple new kitchen towels so I let go of some old ones. 

Officially, in my Wednesday 15 pile:

Three bath towels, four hand towels, two kitchen towels, a pin, pens, car phone charger, a bud vase, a travel mug (I've never liked it), long underwear pants (I have another pair), file folders from the negatives I discarded, white out (haven't used that in years), a wooden figurine, old contacts (as old as 2004).

I did also replace the car phone charger, but nearly everything else was true excess! 

Where did you find your Wednesday 15 clutter? Are you having trouble finding your 15 items? Are you motivated by seeing what I have purged? 

Remember to post your 15 items here on the blog in the comments, or on the Organized Friends Facebook page!

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  1. That reminds me! I've been looking at a car charger on our desks for the past few weeks, meaning to take it out to the truck (as I managed to break the cord that's built into the one that's already in there). I should go swap them out right now while I'm thinking about it xD