Monday, March 9, 2015

A Little Spring Cleaning

The warmer weather here and the time change meant I was ready for some spring cleaning this weekend. The kind you can do outside! It seemed one task led to another, but it was worth it just to be in the fresh air. 

Yesterday, I swept up most of the dirt and sand that had accumulated in the garage. I probably could have filled a gallon milk jug with all that sand and dirt!! While I was in the garage, I pulled the floor mats out of my van to get rid of the sand in there. Then it seemed a vacuum of the inside floor of the van was needed too. So I vacuumed the van. And then I vacuumed the rug we have in our garage and the sand on the steps leading up into the house. ( I told you one thing led to another!) 

After all the vacuuming I was going to put the floor mats back in the van. But they were still a bit sandy. Shaking wasn't enough. So I got out the garden hose and sprayed them down. I then laid them to dry in the sun on the porch. This is when I noticed the leftover ice melt/salt and dirt on the porch. I got out my broom again and swept the porch! Eventually, my floor mats were dry and put back in the van. 

Later this spring when it gets even warmer, I plan to do a deeper cleaning of my van. This will include wiping down the interior console and windows. And probably vacuum again. It's really only a once or twice a year task for us. And completely worth the little amount of time it takes. I will probably do more cleaning in the garage on another warm spring day. It's not too cluttered, although I do have a stash of things that can go. I just need to sweep and hose out the garage floor really good, in addition to getting some cobwebs off the ceiling. 

I think I was outside for at least an hour, but it was so glorious! Completely worth doing work while I enjoyed it. We are expecting some more warmer weather here this week, so I expect I will find more outdoor type tasks to do. One of them is an indoor/outdoor task of painting the inside door jamb of our front door. It is still bare wood. The best part is I already have the paint! Maybe I will end up using some of it up, so I'm leaving fewer containers for the buyers. 

Do you have tasks you like to do outside (or inside) in the spring? 

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