Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Again...About the Lists

I've written before how lists help me stay organized, but I've noticed that a list often helps keep me on task and motivated. I have consistently used lists for the last five days as part of my time management goal and I see a big difference.

I make my list at night, before I head to bed. 

I write my list on a random piece of paper (usually with my colored pens!)

I intentionally pick two things from the list to complete before I leave the house. These are usually simple such as unloading the dishwasher, folding towels or scooping cat litter. 

I review the list when I get up and start working on the couple easy items...and of course, I have to cross them off when complete! 

I continue to work on the list throughout the day. I don't do a marathon of list tackling straight out the gate. I take breaks from my list. Some things are completed in the morning, something else in the afternoon, and maybe something else in the evening. In other words a little bit at a time!

I often have something left over on the list. I always think I have more time in the day than I do! Not a big deal usually, I just move it to the next day in most cases. Occasionally, the item just falls off the list,which means it may not even need to be done in the first place!

Yesterday my list managed to help me remember to unload the dishwasher, stop at the post office to drop off a package, clean my kitchen floor and get several other errands done. And I will say I didn't get everything done. I intended to prime some bare wood on a door jamb, but I lost my motivation as the day went on for that one. I have moved it to today's list! 

Do you find that lists help motivate you? Or do you find lists overwhelming?

Tomorrow is Wednesday 15 where we find 15 items in our home to let go of...and I have to say I'm not sure it will happen for me. I'm struggling a bit this week, but check in with me tomorrow to find out how many I found!


  1. I like lists, they help motivate me :)

    1. I especially like checking things off the list!

  2. Oh, yes, lists are fabulous. Very much so! I've been lazy the past week or so and not keeping up on my daily lists and I've not been getting much done! There's a lot that goes into the reasons why nothing has been getting done, but not even having a list isn't helping that!

  3. It's true that inaction combined with a list doesn't accomplish much!