Thursday, March 19, 2015

Decluttering In Daughter's Room

In the last couple days we have made progress in my daughter's bedroom. We are working in short increments at a time. I think we spent 45 minutes divided up on Tuesday and then just 40 minutes Wednesday. 

As it turns out she is doing most of the work. She knows what she wants to keep and what can go. I'm in charge of getting the stuff out of the room and temporarily lined up in the hallway (I eventually get it all boxed up). I gave her a trash bag and brought in our paper bag of paper recycling to add to also.

She is nearly done and has just the two shelves inside her desk to go through. She feels this is going to take a long time because she just throws things in there. She may be right, but the only way to know is to dig in and see. My prediction is we will spend 30-40 minutes on those shelve. I expect these shelves will get done before Friday night, but hopefully later today!

I would like to work on  getting some of the extra stuff that she has out put away in preparation for selling the house, but I'm not sure she is quite ready for that. We do have a couple more weeks before pictures will need to be taken, so I will probably let it go for now. Although knowing me, I will probably be annoying and ask her again!

I caught kitty rubbing up against the box when I went to take a picture :)

We have a large box of items to donate, which feels great. I would guess we had two basic grocery sized bags of items to trash. The trash was usually those trinkets kids get at school or a party. Such a waste! There were also quite a few little bracelets made of plastic beads that got tossed too. 

We are about ready to make another drop off  at Goodwill. I have a few weeks worth of Wednesday 15 items plus all the items from my daughter's room. It will at least fill the floor of my van trunk. I hope to get that drop off done this weekend. I'll let you know when I get that done. 

Do you find it easier to do a big project in smaller increments or are you one to just jump in and get it done? 


  1. Teeny tiny increments here. I suppose it's better than nothing though.

  2. Cleaning my bedroom with my mom was always a get-it-done-all-at-once task, but only because she was really only there to help keep me on task! I still prefer to do things all at once, though, simply because I cannot be trusted to come back to something!