Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Afters...

My daughter's room is decluttered to the best of her ability for now. I'm pleased with the progress. There probably could be a little more to let go of, but it isn't an issue for now. It is not yet dusted or staged for home sale as you can tell from the top of her desk below. We will get to that later!

Desk inside shelves BEFORE

Desk inside shelves AFTER

She did find quite a few things to let go of in the shelves. 
One I may even be able to sell for a few dollars!!

Desk top BEFORE

Desk top AFTER

My daughter really only found a few things on top of the desk to let go of, but it is an improvement. She also went through those little drawers and found quite a few trinkets, paper and an extra mini stapler to let go of. It's all progress!

Can you see the difference?

Sorry for the late post. I was up early to get my daughter to the airport, so I went to bed early last night before getting a post ready. I also realized my daughter took the camera I usually I took the after photos with my phone camera this morning. :)


  1. It's odd for me to see a desk that doesn't have a computer attached to it (but that's just my life xD )!
    It looks like she did a great job! And with as much space as is left in the cupboard, all the on-the-desk things that need to be hidden away come house-selling time, they could all get (nicely) chucked in there, and easily brought back out for use!

    1. That was exactly my thoughts Jessica, the desktop stuff can go inside on the shelves when the time is right! Great minds often think alike. :)

  2. I missed this yesterday. It looks good. I love her lamp :)