Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Project

The biggest spring break project we have to work on is my youngest daughter's bedroom. We haven't started this project yet, but we talked about it yesterday. I suppose that could be considered a start! I asked if she wanted to do it by herself, together or just have me do it. She decided together was best, and I agree! I also asked if we should just get it done in one day or break it into smaller projects. She wasn't sure on that one because it depended on how she felt at the time. I get that too. I think my preference it to get in and get it done in a few hours.

I will post pictures of the current state of her room here first so we have something to compare to when we are done. It is always a good feeling to see the improvements! The pictures are ordered in a counter clockwise direction around here room.

 I'm going to guess some books, the pens in the flower pot and the CD player will go.

There are toys in the closet that haven't been used in over a year or more...maybe two years. The basket of stuff animals should really all go, but they may become sentimental when she sees them. But she could surprise me!

There are a few pieces of clothing, at least three pairs of slippers, old dance costumes, and some art items on this side that can probably go also. 

The items on the dresser are recent acquisitions (pottery she made in class) so those are keepers, but may need to be put away in preparation for the home sale. I think she still has flute music on the floor from four years ago! Except for the flute items that are used regularly I think the rest needs to be put away if she still wants to keep all of it. 

I didn't take a direct picture of her headboard since their are some photos, but she has quite a few things on her bookcase type headboard that need to be tossed, and then thinned down for the home sale. There are also bins under the bed that will need to be worked on to determine what really needs to be kept. I personally would guess it could all go, but I think there are more stuffed animals under there that will still hold sentimental value. Which I'm fine with keeping if it comes to it.

The desk has quite a bit of clutter on it. I also think we need to move the giraffe and tiger pillow out of the room for the showing. It is hard to hide a stuffed giraffe!! :)

And finally, the inside of her desk is packed full of papers, books, trinkets and money. 
I also hope there are things in here that can move on. 

Right now I feel later today or Wednesday may be our best days to work on my daughter's room, but I don't know for sure when we will get started. As soon as I have any progress to report I will make mention of it on the Organized Friends Facebook group and hopefully by the end of the week I will have an update on the entire room here on the blog. I expect to post on Wednesday with my fifteen items I have decluttered this week, which I am still on the hunt for, but probably not everyday this week because of spring break!

Do you use your spring break or a spring vacation to declutter or organize? Do you have other tasks you do in the spring to keep your household running smoothly?


  1. My son's closet needs some work! Don't have a specific time designated to tackle it yet.

  2. ...that is cleaner than my bedroom ever was as a kid (even when it was freshly cleaned up!)!
    Wishing you both luck and speed on this project - though it really doesn't look like it would be that hard (other than any sentimental attachments)!

  3. It doesn't look like it will take you long. I like the fact that her headboard is like a bookcase :)