Thursday, March 5, 2015

That Other Wall in the Storage Area

Last week I showed you all the changes in our basement storage area, but one wall wasn't completed yet. Now that my husband has packed his truck full of his gear, the space is looking much, much better! Here's the before and after shots.



I'm thinking this space looks so spacious now. Which is what we want buyers to think, too! I'm starting to not like that I need to sell this house. It's so nice!! Even in the storage room. :)


  1. I thought a posted a comment on here earlier but obviously not.
    Looks good! Does that mean that he is going to the new state soon?

  2. Much better! It wasn't bad in the first place, really, but it does look better, simply that you can see all the floor space that there is, versus trying to guess based on what's stored there.