Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday 15 - March 11, 2015

The Wednesday 15!

I'm challenging you to find 15 items you can remove from your home, preferably not just basic household trash, but if you must it can count too. Is there a penalty for not meeting the goal? Of course not. One thing is better than none, right? Is there a reward for meeting the goal. Yes, the joy of finding more space in your home for things you love. Notice how you feel letting these items go that you just don't need. Often it is a feeling of satisfaction and peace. 

Oh wow! This week was tough for me. I didn't think I would find enough things. A few items showed themselves during the week, but the last few items were found just before getting this post written! I did get a little help from my girls because I asked them about their nail polishes. They picked to get rid of 25% (3 out of 12). And I had asked if they had anything to get rid of on Monday night and my youngest daughter brought me the silly bands in a that plastic lunch meat container...bonus!!

  • Lunch meat container with lid
  • Sweatshirt from high school, which I occasionally used to paint in...but time to go.
  • Tape roll dispenser 
  • 2 CDs
  • Silly band bracelets (in the bag)
  • A spatula...which leaks dishwasher water from the handle. Yuck!!
  • 3 bottles of nail polish
  • Bottle of essential oil (old and I never use it)
  • Notebooks
I'm calling it a wrap. I'm close enough to 15 or way over if we were to count ALL those silly band bracelets! I am noticing other things I want to let go of, but I'm waiting until the house is sold. Many of the items are decor items that just don't make me happy any longer, others are clothes that for now I think I need in my closet to take up the space. You know what I mean if you saw the pictures of my closet yesterday on the Organized Friends Facebook page! :)

Are you inspired to go find your own stash of stuff you no longer need? I would love to hear what you found this week or just today, too! And I'm curious if you found it easy or difficult and why? Share here or on Organized Friends

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  1. I think I will have a look at my make up for next week, your daughters giving you their nail polish made me think. Dh got me new make-up at Christmas and I haven't sorted through it yet... been distracted with the million other things that are needing attention and a higher priority like the room.