Friday, April 24, 2015

Assess What You Do Well

I was thinking about things I want to do better at, such as managing my time. And I have made some progress on that, but I have more room for improvement. My job as a stay at home parent doesn't have the same end time as a job you leave to go to in the morning and return in the evening. It's easy to get lax about the use of time. I'm not really putting off the big things, but I know I could accomplish more with the time I feel I'm currently wasting.

However, instead of getting down about what I'm not doing. I decided to list a few things I do that I'm proud of from an organizational standpoint.

  • I clean up right after dinner (everyone puts their own dishes in the dishwasher)
  • I run the dishwasher every night 
  • I get the recycleables to their bins in the garage each day (which keeps some clutter off the counter)
  • Everyone uses their laundry basket for dirty clothes
  • We all hang up our towels after a shower
  • I empty the car of stuff/trash after each use. I only store reuseable bags in the car.
  • I clean up spills when they happen
  • I tend to spend 10-15 minutes each day picking up from the day
  • I have set days to wash bedding
  • I have a set day to wash towels
  • And usually I have a set day for washing clothes
I'm sure there are many more things I could list that I do well or am proud of. And I'm not listing them here to boast. I simply want to point out that it is so easy to focus on what we aren't doing right and it can be good to notice what you like about your home, routines and lifestyle.

Another thing to consider while you are assessing what you are doing well, is how those came to be. Did you instinctively do this, learn from someone else, or change your mindset and routine? 

Do you want to share what you feel like you do well in your home to be organized? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I like this approach! And, of course, it's always beneficial to take a moment and recognize the good things...but I think an important part of that is finding out just how important those seemingly small (good) things actually are!