Thursday, April 9, 2015

Before and After Home Sale Pictures

We had a photographer to our home last week. I had things very clean and very minimal in terms of decorations and things on the walls and out on furniture. I have not seen the photographers photos yet, but I snapped a couple of my own of my daughter's room to give you a taste of how we reduced the clutter in nearly all of the rooms in our home. 

The first three pictures are of my daughter's room after we did some decluttering. I think I showed these to you in the past. At the time, I did mention we would need to put a lot of things out of view for pictures and showings. 

In about 20 minutes time, one afternoon after school, my daughter and I put a lot of that clutter away. Some went inside her dresser drawers, some in the closet, a few things to the basement and many things in a bin under the bed. We took things off the walls entirely in her room too. The pictures below are actually after pictures were taken when I allowed her to put some things back, just not all of it.

For pictures we took the picture off the wall, removed the music items, the blanket and stuffed animals off the bed. I even dropped her alarm clock on the dresser back behind so it wasn't visible. 

The picture above shows a pillow ottoman under her moon chair, which was removed for pictures. The picture on the wall was also removed. I did let her keep some items on the desk for pictures. I don't expect that the photographer's pictures will be from these angles, so this room will still appear different to buyers viewing online. 

Can you see how slimmed down we had everything for pictures? Better right?

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  1. Yes I can see the difference! Looks fantastic!