Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's Okay to Take A Break

I'm exhausted! 

I've been on mental and physical overdrive the last three months. Preparing to move has a lot of parts to put together. I'm too tired to even list everything that has been done or thought about. But trust me it is exhausting. 

I purposely took a break this past Saturday to just do what I want to do. I didn't do one thing that was related to moving. That I know of anyway. I lounged around in the morning. I made lunch and talked to my husband. Then in the afternoon I started sewing for the enjoyment of just doing something unrelated to moving. I watched a movie on Netflix while I worked on my project. And then I watched another one because I wasn't done sewing yet! 

On Sunday I decided to do a whole house cleaning because the buyers were coming on Monday for their inspection. I mowed the lawn. I went to the grocery store and I did laundry. And I was exhausted again.

I do have a mental list of things that need to get done, but I've decided for the most part this week I'm taking a break. I need a break from all the cleaning, home repairs, lists of things to do, and even decluttering and organizing. 

And you know what? It is okay. It is just fine to take a break after working so hard. My reward it some time to do some things I enjoy. I like to sew and I have a cute simple project I want to try. I picked up two books at the library that are both capturing my attention. The weather is going to be beautiful this week and I plan to be outside...maybe reading one of my books. 

I share all of this so that you take time for you after working so hard to declutter a bedroom, or tackling the mountain of papers on your kitchen counter and all the other things you do to keep your home a place of peace and tranquility. 

Of course, don't take my suggestion top seriously. If you took 15 minutes today to tidy you probably don't need a week to recover! It's all about finding that balance between working on your home and your goals and rewarding yourself with something you like to do. 

I already have plans for an exciting outing this weekend! Hopefully, I can get some pictures to share! I will be back tomorrow for Wednesday 15. I don't have my items gathered together yet, but I know exactly what I'm pulling out so it should take no time at all!

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  1. Yes it is ok to take a break, otherwise you'll burnout.