Monday, April 20, 2015

Lots of Ideas and Thoughts

I have lots of ideas for blog posts. It's a matter of getting myself to sit down and write them. (I'm just not always organized with my time). I've mentioned before that we are getting ready to move. Well the house sold in ONE day. All my preparations decluttering, touching up paint and cleaning paid off. I might now have a little more time to get some writing done. If I begin to lag, you know I got caught up in the move again.

As all these ideas come rushing at me, I try to get a least a draft with a title input on my blog. Of course, sometimes they don't get done ever because the all the thoughts originally percolating are not longer there. So I do need to prioritize my posts with ones that I can just write without pictures. Or some I need to let go of because it will take to much time to explain and write.

I wanted to write a few more about what it's like to have your home on the market and how to stay organized during that process. But it was so quick and I was literally out of town during the showings and the offers. Harder on my mom and daugher who were here than it was for me! I like easy home sales.

Now, that it is sold I might not get to those posts. My brain and thoughts have turned to what I need to get rid of before the movers arrive. There are some items I hung on to just because I knew they would help fill the space, I also didn't want to be in the middle of selling stuff while the house was on the market. So everything had a place.  I noticed recently that a dresser we have had for 18 years always gets put into the basement and only stores gift bags. I've decided the dresser needs to go. It is a little sad to part with as it was made by my grandfather.

In addition to the sale of our home, knowing what the home we are moving into is like helps know what we want to take with us. Since it is in the southeast part of the country, we don't expect to need heavy snowboots, snowpants (which don't even fit), or our snowblower! We might take one shovel just in case.

Because the home sold so quickly, I suddenly feel like I have all this time on my hands to sew, make a memory book, and refinish a piece of furniture. I haven't started any of that yet, but I need to start prioritizing these ideas I have and become realistic on my time constraints. Some of those wonderful ideas just may not happen in the next 7 weeks until the move. Yikes seven weeks!!

Thanks for reading. I just had to vent about my thoughts....I hope the next blog post might be more inspiring to you and your goals.  Do you find yourself coming up with more ideas or projects than you have time for?

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  1. Always have more projects and ideas than is actually feasible to be working on! But with your home sale being so quick (major congrats!), it certainly seems like some more relaxing projects (besides home prep/cleaning/organizing/etc) are in order for you! :)