Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Portable Office

Several years ago a great friend (Thanks Amy!) gave me a clear folder to use on vacation to keep all the important papers together. It worked great to keep them protected, available and all in one place. Recently, I picked up several more to use at home. I noticed I had papers on my counter that I wanted to have nearby or would need soon. I decided I would like those papers on my counter a lot more if they had a little more organization! 

I have about five that I am fully utilizing right now. The one I like the best and use the most has store coupons in it. If I get one in the mail I slide it right in. If I notice a similar one still in there, I check the date and recycle if expired. I try to check this folder about once a week, maybe every ten days. 

Recently, I had one folder will all of our eyeglass prescriptions. We were shopping numerous places for frames and I wanted the prescription with me when we found what we wanted. Since those have all been purchased I need to get them to the right folder in our filing cabinet. Another folder has some documents related to our upcoming home sale that I want to keep in one place.  And I think there is one for some college documents too. I have to go through that one very frequently, since those colleges send a lot of mail! 

Usually, I kept these folders propped up on my kitchen counter so they are readily accessible. However, with the house about to hit the market, I don't want those folders visible or available to potential buyers. I decided in the interim I will use my new Land's End tote bag to keep these folders in! When it's time to leave the house, I will just toss my computer in and take it all with me. No mess left.

Here is a peek inside. I have been taking this bag with me to flute lessons recently, so thus some reading material. I often throw in a spiral notebook for writing down meal plans and grocery lists while I wait. I often take this time to clean out those coupons if they are in the bag.

A peek lower in the bag shows you I have my receipts in there, a pad of sticky notes, and a little coin purse (which is really full of pennies and postage stamps...odd I know). Not pictured is some hand sanitizer. I don't really have a need for a portable office most of the time, but this bag in addition to the folders really works pretty well. I think I will add some more items to it in the coming weeks to make it even more functional, such as pens, a pair of scissors, my cell phone charger. I was thinking of adding tissues, but now it sounds like it is becoming a large purse!!

My goal is to keep things organized during the move. And I think this should do it. Do you have a portable office or action files? What would you put in an office bag like this for a move?


  1. What a good idea. How about a checklist of what else needs done during the moving process? Of course you've probably got that written down already. Names and numbers of current utility suppliers etc? Makes it easier to cancel if all their details are in the one place. Excuse the bad ideas, I'm tired..

    1. Those are great ideas! I do have some lists in a notebook, but not phone numbers so that is something I will try to update soon, so I can reference right away when it is time. Get some rest Sarah!!