Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Found Space In Our Van

I've been thinking how crowded we may be in our van during our upcoming move. There will be two adults, two teenagers and two overweight cats in an eight passenger vehicle. In addition we will have all the items we will need for one month before our items are delivered to our rental home. Luckily, we are going to a furnished apartment so our needs are basically clothing, toiletries, and personal items we want with us (probably electronics). And then the cats basic needs will travel along as well. I also want to bring pictures, sensitive papers and files. 

I found some space in our van, a 2008 Honda Odyssey, that should help store some items during the move. It is an interior space in the floor where we currently store the eighth seat. We don't need the extra seat during the move so we will simply have it packed by the movers and loaded on to the moving truck!

Access panel in the floor of the van between first and second row of seats.

The seat folded in the way it would fit in the storage compartment

A bad attempt to show you the empty storage compartment
I have a feeling we may be able to put quite a few files and picture albums in this space which would help tremendously. We won't need to access those items at all until we are moving in. I'm a little excited that I even thought of this! I almost want to start filling it now. I will wait though as I expect being outside too long could be a problem for the photos.

As I started writing the post, I also thought of the four seat back pockets that could be used for files or a photo album too. We also have some room in the driver and passenger side doors that could hold files or an album as well. I will definitely do what I can to be creative and use the space well. The area underneath a center console between the driver and passenger will carry one plant that has to make the move with us. I will place it in a box and hopefully wedge it in there. I did already send three plants to new homes this past weekend. Oh, I guess I have flower bulbs to bring too. I think I can put those in a paper bag to make the move. 

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have quite a list to work on this week. I did get all of my cleaning done for the inspection that happens this morning. And we can count that I did take out the van seat, too! Today I plan to get the comforters washed, the lease printed and scanned again after signing, read my book and mow the lawn. If I remember I will call to make a vet appointment for the cats. 

Do you have some hidden storage space that would be unique to your vehicle? 


  1. Ohhh my goodness, I wish our truck had something like this! I'm trying to figure out how best to take our important paperwork with us so it won't get lost in the mess, and there is just about no *real* storage in there!
    I also really like that kind of space for your files and photo albums, simply because it's out of the way and won't get messed in with anything else - I know I would battle with moments of "oh no, where did I put it!" though! xD

    1. How far are you traveling Jessica? In the past other people have kept our pictures and then later brought them to us since we were relatively close. This time it's halfway across the country. A bankers box or tub that closes tight would likely be best...or an extra suitcase!