Monday, May 4, 2015

I Feel Disorganized

It's a busy time of year with school winding down for my daughter's. Particularly my daughter who is graduating! There are concerts, musical rehearsals, musical performances, band contests, senior presentations to attend, in addition to the demands college starts expecting...such as find a roommate, sign up for new student enrollment, send us your transcripts! Ugh. And that has nothing to do with the fact that we are moving.

The truth is I'm becoming less organized all the time. It's May and I have yet to make a meal plan ( maybe later today). I haven't shredded receipts like I usually do on the first of the month (of course, it's very low on the priority list). I can say that I have paid bills, however I put it off for two days.

My mind has turned to moving specific organization, such as how to fit four people, two cats, our luggage for a month into our van for the move. I probably need to fit in a box of important files as well as photos. These are items that are not replaceable and we always take with us. In the past we have driven two cars, but this time one car is already in our new we are all in one car. I need to find carriers for the cats that are less bulky than what we have. We likely need to purchase a car top carrier of some sort too. And I hope it all fits or do I try a practice run? The practice run is tempting!

I'm researching graduation announcements, but have not come up with a design we want to order. So that task continues to loom. I was reminded by my email calendar that I need to take my cats in for their rabies vaccines before we move. I have yet to schedule that. And I'm aware of a bridal shower and a wedding in the next five weeks that I need to purchase gifts for. Oh, and a graduation gift. So many things on my plate to think about and it feels like most of it isn't getting done! I really need to get ruthless and take some more action.

I can see that writing to all of you about my disorganization is helping me a little. But the truth is there are just going to be times in our lives where things are busier than usual or our routine gets upset. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself...the important things will get done.  Keep moving forward, prioritize what is important (not the shredding of documents, but yes on making a meal plan) and do the best we can!


  1. You're doing so well! Can you order the gifts online? Saves time. I'd do a practice run just for leg room etc. Oh I'd research those cat things online too if you can? Also, delegate .

    1. I have delegated some things to my husband...and I know my senior is overwhelmed with her tasks. The other one...who knows, maybe! I might be able to get one of the gifts online...thanks Sarah for your comment! :)

    2. No problem. Just had a thought, could you ask your youngest what meals she would like to have/help to make? Then get her to do a rough meal plan? I don't know if that will work though.