Monday, May 18, 2015

Making More Plans

The list I made last Monday and posted here has three items left on it that I didn't get done. I feel pretty good about that! I know that I need to post another list to keep me moving along this coming week too. It's the last week of school for my high school daughter, so we are getting ready for company. We aren't really having a party since she doesn't want one, but some family will be here. This means I need to feed everyone and have the house clean!

From last week, carried over to this week:
  • Make a Goodwill drop
  • Buy and wrap graduation gift
  • Wrap July birthday gift (one item is arriving in the mail Tuesday)
The new items I'm adding:
  • Plan food for guests
  • Make a grocery list for weekend needs
  • Grocery shop
  • Buy pantyhose for graduation
  • Wash guest sheets
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Vacuum
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Wash towels
Oh, I'm sure there is much more than that. But that is where I'm starting to keep myself focused. After this current week, my list is going to become more about getting things ready to pack in our van!

I'd also like to report that I have used up some more items recently from our cupboards. I finished off the barbecue sauce, the frozen (but cooked) ground beef, and a can of tuna. I hope to use up a few more things when I'm making food for guests. I know it won't work out perfect. I will likely have to toss some things when the time comes. I may also need to buy more before we leave of some items, which then may also get tossed. I'm trying my best though!

How does your list of tasks look this week?


  1. This week *was* going to be an easy week...until we got a "24-hour notice of inspection" for our apartment, so today has been a mad dash of vacuuming and whatnots, and the next three days will be spent staying at home, so the dogs do not have to be here alone when the apartment people show up. Yay apartments, ha.
    It sounds like you will be well occupied for the next few days as well, but for much better reasons!

    1. Good luck with your inspection. I hope you pass with flying colors!!

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