Monday, May 11, 2015

Making Plans for the Week Ahead

I will admit my plans are not that exciting this week. I find it is helpful to make a list so I actually accomplish what I have in my head! Without a list I'm all over the place and not using my time wisely, or I'm on Facebook all day...which we know is not good!

This week I'm planning to at least do the following:
And I decided to edit the post and cross out the items when completed. 
  • Clean the house to be ready for the home inspection on Tuesday
  • Wash two comforters at the laundromat
  • Make an appointment for cats to have updated shots (and possibly get meds for the road trip)
  • Steam clean some areas of carpet
  • Recycle some extra boxes
  • Print lease agreement, sign and scan a new copy
  • Goodwill drop off
  • Finish reading a library book
  • Mow the lawn
  • Find Wednesday 15
If I get those things done I will feel pretty good. I can think of some other items to do, but they can come after the ones listed above.
  • Wrap July birthday gift
  • Take out extra seat in van (determine extra space for moving items)
  • Make meal list for remainder of the month
  • Get graduation gift (wrap)
  • Find shoes to wear to graduation 
  • Empty a footlocker for daughter's college items to go into
Honestly, it sometimes just works really well for me to type my list and post it to the internet. Someone will see it. It makes me feel a little more accountable! Do you have someone that can help make you accountable for reaching your goals?


  1. It does help to post a list online. I think dh holds me accountable, but more so Organized Friends. Did you manage to find something for the cats to travel in?

    1. At this point we are going to just use the current carriers we have. They are just bulky, but probably the safest bet for the trip.