Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Prepping for Packing

Packing by the movers happens in about two weeks, but I'm already beginning to prep for them. This is what I mean by prepping:

After last weekend's guests left I pulled all the sheets off the guest beds. I ran those sheets, blankets, bath towels, bath mats and shower curtain all through the washer. Now everything is folded, clean and piled in the guest bedroom ready to be packed.

The next step is to start finding the items my college daughter needs to take with her to college and doesn't need with her this summer. We have just four days to get this work done. All these items will be transported to my parents who live closer to where she will attend college. I have set aside a large footlocker to start packing these items in. We have other containers we can use if needed.

I'm selling off some items we don't really want to move with us. I'm trying to keep the number of items I want to sell small. I'm also only giving myself this week to get items sold. If not sold by the end of the day Friday, the items will be donated or trashed. I also already have a pretty large pile to take to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  (I already sold three items for a total of $33!)

I'm still working on having our family eat as much in the freezer, fridge and cupboards as possible. I gave away some coconut oil, finished the quinoa, and barley. I used up the brown sugar. I did have to buy more jelly and peanut butter. I think the mayo and mustard will be gone shortly. I have a feeling several dinners in the near future will be different for each of us. One of us may eat up the leftover chicken, another will make a grilled cheese and a couple of us will eat the last of the eggs and bacon.

I decided to designate one bag to all the items our cats will need as we travel. I will likely start living out of this bag soon for all of their needs. Well most of their needs. This is similar to my portable office bag that will keep all of my important papers and supplies together as we make the move.

One the day the packers arrive, I will have all the items we do not want packed or touched either already in our van or set in one designated space. I call it the no pack zone and I tell the packers about it nearly right away when they are all together. The last time they still double checked that I didn't want the items packed. I think sometimes they don't get that you want some of your things with you!

What do you think of my pre-packing plans?

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