Friday, May 8, 2015

Using Things Up Before the Move

I have definitely noticed that I'm working on using things up in preparation for our move mid June. I know the last time we moved I wasn't so diligent about it as I knew we could pack the items in our two vehicles and we would be in the next town in a few short hours. This time, we are moving much farther and we will only be in one car, with two cats and two kids. That doesn't leave much room for extra stuff!

So in just  about five weeks we need eat through the cupboard, fridge and freezer. Last night, I made grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. The last can of soup in the cupboard is gone! I'm making a salad this weekend to use some of the quinoa I have in the cupboard. I do need to be a little more methodical about I use up the most I can. We might be able to get creative in the last day or two and make up some items to take with us on the road. However, some items will actually get thrown out. I'm pretty sure I will bring some spices with me as we will be in a furnished apartment for a month and I don't want to be buying all new spices! I will limit myself to a quart size bag most likely.

And I'm not just using up things in the kitchen, either. I have found a few items in the garage to use up. It was some fertilizer for plants. I had just one application left, so I poured a little on all my plants around the outside of the house. Now the container is being recycled. I know in the garage I won't be able to use up everything in the next few weeks either. If the items are not liquid or hazardous, I will put it in a plastic bag and let the movers pack the items. If it is a liquid, I may offer to a neighbor or friend. Anything I can't find others to take, I will drop the items at our Habitat Restore or the hazardous waste facility. Some of these organization resell or offer the items for free. I believe Habitat will combine old paint to create new gallons of paint. Quite amazing really.

And then there are bathroom products. We will try to slim down to one shampoo and conditioner before we leave so we can pack those. There may be some items to toss, but I think these can be put in a plastic zip top bag and packed for the movers also. I know I did that with all the nail polish last time we moved.

Is it also a bit odd that I have a small list of things to toss right before we leave? One of those is the girls bathroom floor mats. They are usable, but really getting worn. I actually put them away during showings because they were bad. However, we will use them until the move and then toss. It is just time to update those. I will also toss the toilet bowl brush and the plastic shower curtains...because those are just too gross to move!

Can you think of anything else I may need to use up or toss before I move? Is there something you would toss if you are moving? Is it something you should let go of even if you aren't moving?


  1. Oh I don't know about that one. Good idea to use things up though . I don't think it's odd, you can't take everything.

  2. We are in the same boat! And so far as tossing things before you move...bathroom mats is on our list (they'e been in the "to wash" pile for so long, I think the Mister has forgotten they exist, and can be successfully thrown out) but also our large living room rug will be getting chucked, as it was only here to cover how bad our carpets are! I didn't think about the toilet brush, but ours was actually quite expensive (thank you, Safeway), and I would be quite disappointed to have to chuck that! We will probably be tossing our back porch umbrella as well - a wind storm knocked it down, and it was too nasty out for too long to warrant picking it back up (and nowhere to store it, yay apartments!) it's quite gross now, and was never that great of quality in the first place - and how does one clean a porch umbrella anyway?!
    There are plenty of other things we are chucking before the move, but the are all quite unique to us, and I'm sure do not apply to anyone but us, ha!